Anatomy of a Copper Clad Laminate. Part IV: Copper Foils

“Most foils used in FR-4 manufacture are electrodeposited type foils. These are manufactured by plating copper onto slowly revolving drum-shaped cathodes that are partially immersed in the plating solution. As the drum revolves, the plated copper deposit is removed from the cathode drum at one continuous speed. Varying the drum speed and current density helps to vary the copper deposit and consequently, the resulting foil thickness.”


According to the Williamson MEMO (03/09/1990):

“The copper used in the tracking is a standard thickness of 35 microns of 1 ounce weight.”

Quite possibly, Williamson meant to say that the foil was a “standard foil” with a thickness of 35 microns which is common in the industry.


DP/11 [Cut from PT/35(b)] Cross-Section : Closeup of the tin/lead (solder) and copper foil


Understanding the PCB Laminate (ISOLA)

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2 Responses to Anatomy of a Copper Clad Laminate. Part IV: Copper Foils

  1. Craig says:

    Not too sure where to post this, I sincerely do not want to detract from the very important, detailed posts and findings.

    However, I feel the recent Scottish Crown Office gadgee’s manoeuvrings with reference to the recent PBS documentary noting the individual known as Mohammed Abouagela Masud with this atrocity.
    In my view, the Crown Office PR spin machine went into disinformation overdrive and this clear and present manipulation of information should not go unchecked.
    In terms of disinformation, I think CIA Special Projects representatives could learn a thing or two from the lads and lasses at the Crown Office in this regard [HMV].
    3 February 2013
    “Investigators looking into ‘third man’ in Malta connected to Lockerbie bombing Scotland’s Crown Court prosecutors said to be in pursuit of evidence in Malta against Libyan national and former Gaddafi agent Mohammed Abouagela Masud, who may be connected to the 1988 Pan Am Flight bombing over Lockerbie.”
    “The hearings requested by Scottish prosecutors were held last September”

    “Masud and several of the other suspects were first linked to the Lockerbie case by controversial CIA informant Majid Giaka.”

    “Known as ‘the technician’ after being introduced to a CIA undercover agent as an airline technician, Masud worked with Megrahi and Fhimah at the Libyan Arab Airlines offices in Malta, where the bomb was allegedly planted onto a feeder flight inside an unaccompanied suitcase.”

    Comment – Seriously, what on earth is going on here !
    The Crown Office is following a line of enquiry from the infamous Gaika [!] whose evidence and standing was systematically destroyed at trial !

    Although the report was filed Feb 2013 is about September 2012

    It gets worse….

    Monday, September 10, 2012
    “Gaddafi-era officials go on trial accused over Lockerbie case”
    “Two senior officials under late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi went on trial on Monday accused of wasting public money by facilitating a compensation payment of more than $2 billion to families of those killed in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.”
    Monday, September 17, 2012
    “The development comes as a group of Scottish lobbyists, who reject the conclusion of the investigation and subsequent con­viction of Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, prepare to present arguments for the case to be re-examined in an inquiry.”
    Tuesday, 18 September 2012
    “The development comes as Justice for Megrahi campaigners, who claim Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was innocent of the crime, prepare to repeat their arguments for the case to be re-examined in an inquiry. They will appear before the Scottish Parliament later this month.”
    Wednesday, September 26, 2012
    “A decision on whether to hold a new inquiry into the 1988 Lockerbie bombing was put off yesterday after campaigners sent a letter making “serious allegations” to the Scottish justice secretary, claiming the police investigation into the case had been mishandled.”

    “The development came as a Scottish parliamentary committee met yesterday to review a request by the group for a fresh inquiry into the bombing. A decision on that was put off to give Mr Kenny MacAskill SNP Justice Minister for time to respond.”

    Folks, what you are witnessing is abhorrent Scottish political intertwine with a politicised Crown Office to positively deny the administration of justice.
    Each is doing the bidding for the other.
    It is reflective of both an administration out of control and more worrisome, a Crown Office completely out of control.

    They are both one and the same, a busted flush.

    In the past week this lot have re-issued a re-run statement of 2012 happenings just to placate the public including PBS viewers. It also appears, in a truly sickening way, to also deceive the suffering families.

    I tell thee, these folks at the Crown Office are professional, manipulative, desperate individuals.
    Clearly, even their 2012 manoeuvres are reactionary to the 2012 JFM petition and written declaration directed to Kenny MacAskill SNP, the then Justice Minister.

    Wikipedia – Scotland;
    Formerly a proud nation which was once based on fairness and functioning institutions.
    In 2015, Scotland joined Libya and both are now known as a ‘Banana Republic’.
    Due to the complete breakdown of functionality at the Scottish Crown Office, the international community recognise the dysfunctional quasi-political / justice system operating in this failed state.
    Beware !


  2. Craig says:

    Added comment – I’ve just read Prof Black blog which I didn’t read before I made the aforementioned comment.

    With reference to both Magnus Linklater scribblings and Herr Bollier extended comments.
    I see this as a real positive.
    Don’t get me wrong, between the both of them, one is a delusional mouth piece for the corrupt State, the other is a corrupt instigator with the State.

    Why do I see this as a positive ?
    When the truth is bearing down on individuals and organisations they tend to start squealing in a last ditch desperate attempt to deflect and put off the fast moving train coming down the tracks.

    In a weird way, Linklater’s so obvious highly deflective piece is also telling everyone the truth.
    Think about it, if Crown Office had nothing to worry about at all, they wouldn’t be continually briefing Linklater.

    I could set a Swiss watch that every time the Crown Office identifies a real PR problem, as night follows day, Linklater files a report.


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