The Chad Device: CIA REPORT. P1

Today, we begin the study of the CIA report on a device recovered from Chad in 1984.

You may remember  the following (See LOCKERBIE: A SPOOK, THE NYMPHS AND A DWARF )

From the “Chronology of PT/35(b) – Part III”, we have learned the following:

15 June 1990

According to the FD-302 of Tom Thurman that is provided with the police report, he received K1 from Richard Sherrow of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Lab on this date.

This position is clearly inaccurate, as was discovered during the precognition process. In fact Sherrow gave the timer K1 to the CIA in late 1987 and it was in CIA possession until June 1990.

John Orkin of the CIA was the person who identified the similarity between PT/35(b) and K-1, not Thurman.

During this meeting, CIA John Orkin* [Real Name: Jack Christie] told Tom Thurman who had manufactured the MST-13 Timers.

“On page 41 of Production 285 there is reference to MEBO. I recall asking [to CIA John ORKIN*] who was MEBO. (…) He then showed me Production 285 at page 41.” (See Thurman Defence-Precognition)

Here is the first page of the CIA document N° 85SP002:


Enjoy and read carefully each page of this document. You will learn what the CIA knew about MEBO, and about the MST-13 timers. Most importantly, you will also learn since when the CIA knew… And you will learn an even much more significant fact about MEBO and the CIA.

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One Response to The Chad Device: CIA REPORT. P1

  1. Craig says:

    Noted with regard to Orkin* source information and the genius forensic guru, Tom Thurman.
    I prefer not to add further comment until sight of the full report, particularly any info surrounding IF any actual ‘recovery’ did happen.
    When parts of this report, beginning with the attaché case etc were noted at trial and it was clear questions were being raised [Transcript PDF, Page 1159] it seems MEBO suddenly didn’t want to discuss any of these matters as the two noted MEBO statements highlight.
    Some background information on US involvement in Chad during the 1980’s;

    19th June 1987
    President Reagan yesterday warmly received Chadian President Hissene Habre at the White House.
    Reagan had high praise for the Chadian Army’s victory and said Habre’s accomplishments are admired “by the free world and will benefit all of Africa.”
    Memo from DCI Casey to Reagan and his senior officials, Casey briefly summarizes “the relative implications of counter-terrorism steps taken with respect to each of the major Middle East sponsors of terrorism and different types of targets.
    Terrorism as a Political Weapon – Four Middle Eastern Case Studies
    This report, prepared by the Office of Near Eastern and South Asian Analysis for the CIA Directorate of Intelligence, reviews the cases of Iran, Lebanon, Syrian and Libya.
    Our Man in Africa – Hissene Habre
    “Reagan’s CIA director, William Casey, and Secretary of State Alexander Haig quickly coalesced around the idea of launching a covert war in partnership with Habré to “bloody Qaddafi’s nose” and “increase the flow of pine boxes back to Libya” on America’s behalf, as Haig put it.
    In short order, Reagan released several million dollars of covert support — a fraction of what was to come.”

    ‘U.S.-Backed Chadian Dictator Hissène Habré Faces War Crimes Trial’


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