HINSHIRI: Minutes of Formal Hearing (30/10/1999)

“In his defence precognition, (see EZZEDIN HINSHIRI: DEFENCE PRECOGNITION ) Hinshiri confirmed that he had ordered a quantity of MST-13 timers and that these had subsequently been delivered to him.  A similar account was given by him when questioned by the Scottish police in Libya on 30 October 1999 (see  Document ).” [SCCRC REPORT 20.29]



Here are some extracts:

“He was asked who was involved in these negotiations while he was attached to the External Security and Intelligence Service of Libya. He confirmed another engineer had accompanied him in 1984 and 1985, and possibly into 1986. He was asked if he could specifically name this individual, he advised the person assisting him was Said Rashid. He was asked where these dealings with MEBO had taken place when he advised this was in Libya.”

“He was asked who was responsible for contacting MEBO with regard to the timers and he replied that he had done so on behalf of the Army. When asked how often he had met with the partners in MEBO he answered only once or twice, when the order was made and (when) the timers were delivered.  He suggested this was about 1985/1986. When asked about the technical specification he advised that it was long term timers that were required. When asked for further clarification in respect of long term timers he replied one month or two months.”

“He was asked if he could further clarify when, exactly the timers were delivered and he suggested 1985; possibly the end of 1985 or the beginning of 1986.”


How does this timeline compare with the official story (R. Marquise, Fuhl report) and the various statements from Herr Bollier? Short answer: NOT WELL. And yet, it would seem that it is HINSHIRI who is speaking the TRUTH. To be continued…



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One Response to HINSHIRI: Minutes of Formal Hearing (30/10/1999)

  1. Edwin Bollier says:

    Was Hassan Badri (ABH) also interviewed from Scottish Police ? best Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd


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