MST-13 Delivery to Libya. 2nd UPDATE. VISA Issues

When Hinshiri was asked if he could further clarify when – exactly – the timers were delivered and he suggested 1985; “possibly the end of 1985 or the beginning of 1986.” (See HINSHIRI: Minutes of Formal Hearing (30/10/1999) )

Here is thus another problem with the official timeline. In a recent post, I told you that : Richard Marquise gives a good description of the supply of the 20 MST-13 timers to Libya.

 In August 1985, Said Fazani* (Real name: Said Rashid) , a high ranking official of the Libyan Jamahiriya Security Organization (JSO),  asked Bollier to design and build a small electronic timer for use by the military intheir war with Chad. A total of twenty were built by Lumpert, ten for use in a waterproof container (boxed) and ten which were free standing (unboxed).

The first five were delivered by Bollier to Fazani* (Real name: Said Rashid) in Libya  in the late fall of 1985.

The second five were delivered by Bollier to an individual (Bollier calls him Mustapha) at the Libyan people’s Bureau in East Berlin around November 1985.

The last ten were delivered Hijazi* (Real name: Ezzedin El Hinshiri), a high ranking Intelligence officer, in Tripoli.

As you know, the first Thuring boards were received by MEBO on 3 September 1985. So according to Marquise, the delivery of the “first five” and “second five” timers must have occurred between September and November 1985.

There is just one problem. There are no VISA entry stamps in the passport of Bollier to DDR or Libya from August to November 1985. You can find them all over his passport before or after, but not during this interval of time. Attention to details?

Passport 1707135


Renewed and valid until 07/10/89


Page 34: East Germany 04/85

Page 35: Libya 07/85


Page 37: Libya 12/85


Page 39: Libya 03(02?)/86


No use of pages 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45


New passport N 5004134


Dated 19/03/1986


First used page (8): Trip to Libya via MALTA



How did Bollier convince anyone that he was in East Berlin in November 1985?

To be continued…

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One Response to MST-13 Delivery to Libya. 2nd UPDATE. VISA Issues

  1. Craig says:

    A comment with the passports.
    The first passport notes 33 pages available but appears to run to 48 pages.
    This is issued October 1984 with a Swiss standard 5 year validity to October 1989.
    Clearly there are blank pages available within this passport.

    I’m unsure why a new passport would be required March 1986 ?
    17 months [Oct 84 – March 86] seems a short space of time even for a 48 page passport but still has numerous blank pages available.

    The second passport is valid until October 1990 which is less than standard Swiss passport issue of 5 years but also seems to run concurrent with the first passport ?


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