MEBO Statement Re MST-13 Timers (04/10/1990)

Here is a statement made by MEBO (Bollier) on 04/10/1990.





What do we learn from this document?

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One Response to MEBO Statement Re MST-13 Timers (04/10/1990)

  1. Craig says:

    Hopefully a translation will follow as Google Translate is throwing out all sorts but the date of the document is an important matter, 4th October 1990.
    For MEBO to be providing a written statement, an organisation has been in direct contact with Mebo prior to this date.

    Who could that be ?

    2 October 1990
    According to the CP of FBI agent Richard Marquise, a meeting took place between
    security agencies to resolve “political difficulties” about the enquiries that were being
    made in Switzerland, and at the end of the meeting the CIA agreed to “back off” the

    See further detail in chapter 8 of the statement of reasons.

    8-10 October 1990
    PT/35, DP/10, DP/11, DP/12, DP/15, DP/16 and DP/31 were all returned to RARDE
    by Brian McManus, according to LPS form 438.

    Although there is no signature of any RARDE individual on the LPS form confirming receipt, the RARDE movement records confirm that on 10/10/90, Goulding received all these items.

    9 October 1990
    Williamson prepared a photograph of the timer fragment (DP/142) with areas shaded
    on it to show where fragments had been removed from it.

    The date on the label for this photograph is 9 October 1990.

    18 October 1990
    A request for assistance was sent from the US Dept of Justice to the Swiss authorities. Thereafter, enquiries were made in Switzerland with MEBO.


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