Edwin Bollier, Hissene Habre & Said Rashid

According to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Said Rashid led a Libyan team to Togo in October 1980. His mission was to assassinate Hissene Habre.


Se non è vero, è ben trovato

This statement is truly extraordinary. In just one sentence, you will find all the ingredients of the “Lockerbie Solution”.

Gaddafi – In 1983, Libya forced the French to release Rashid who was about to be transferred to Italy regarding the assassination of a Libyan dissident in Milan.

Megrahi – Rashid is a first cousin of the “Lockerbie Bomber”.

MST-13 Timer – Rashid attended the initial meeting in Tripoli when Hinshiri and Bollier discussed the kind of timers requested by the Libyan Army.

K1 – The first MST-13 Timer was found in Togo. And it is this Timer – K1 – that allowed the identification of PT/35(b), MEBO, Megrahi, etc..

Toshiba Radio – Rashid left the ESO to become the director of the Libyan Electronics Company that imported most of the world production of the Toshiba Radio model used to hide the bomb that allegedly destroyed PA 103 over Lockerbie.

The Lockerbie Script – The same OSINT alleges that Rashid was behind the attempted bombing of a Pan Am flight in 1983 using the same kind of device (Timer + SEMTEX) hidden in an unaccompanied luggage. (Alitalia : Istanbul – Rome and transferred to Pan Am: Rome – New York)

Senegal – According to the same OSINT, the two Libyan arrested in Senegal with the other MST-13 Timer were subordinates of Said Rashid. This timer was linked to a device found in Chad in September 1984.

Chad – And Habre brings us back to Chad where the French were at war with Gaddafi. This reminds us of Togo, Senegal and the twin verdict of the UTA flight.

Attempt to assassinate Habre ? Maybe in Sudan…

Please, let me know if you find any evidence about Rashid’s attempt to assassinate Habre in Togo…

A military thesis mentions – without details – that Libya tried to assassinate Habre in Sudan in October 1981.

The same OSINT claims that: “In October 1981, Rashid attempted to overthrow Sudanese President Jafar Numeiri.” (A strong US ally in their war in Chad against Gaddafi.)

Again, let me know if you find anything about this event. Good luck!

And a Mysterious Briefcase

Here is the only link I could find regarding a Libyan attempt to assassinate Hissene Habre. (Keep in mind the 1986 Timeline)

The following is taken from an US State Department Report published on January 9 1986.

“Qaddafi also has been implicated in plots to assassinate other moderate heads of state. In September 1984 the Chadian Government uncovered a Libyan-sponsored plot in which a briefcase bomb was to explode during a Cabinet meeting chaired by Chadian President Habre. More recently, Zairian officials thwarted a Libyan-sponsored plot against President Mobutu in September 1985.”

Any idea where the Briefcase Bomb came from?

Here is a hint:


I will analyse the various claims about Rashid. For now, let us just say that they may not be “completely accurate”.

PS: This may not prevent Dornstein from making a fourth episode now that he has “all the evidence” to convince the US investigators that he has solved the Lockerbie Case.

PS2: At least, we know that Habre (As well as  Mobutu) must be regarded as a “moderate head of state”.



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