Chad accuses Libya of murder plot – 30/01/1985

The following report brings some details about the “Chad device”.

UNITED NATIONS  —  The African nation of Chad, plagued by civil war and famine, Wednesday (30/01/1985) accused Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy of masterminding a ‘mass assassination’ plot against Chadian government leaders. Libya denied the charge.

Chadian Foreign Minister Gouara Lassou, addressing the Security Council, dramatically pointed to a briefcase on the desk in front of him saying it was to have been used to blow up the Chamber of Commerce in the capital of N’Djamena last September.

‘There were enough explosives to blast the lungs of everyone in the huge conference room,’ he said. ‘The Republic of Chad accuses Moammar Khadafy, the leader of international terrorism, as being behind this plot of mass assassination … of having promoted this act of cowardly terrorism.’

He said the assassination was to have taken place last Sept. 27 but Chadian authorities seized the briefcase with 30 pounds of Czech-made plastic explosive the day before.

He said his government did not disclose the plot earlier because it wanted to ‘lure more Libyan agents into Chad’ and the investigation was still incomplete.

His statement was punctuated by film clips on a large television screen showing the plastic explosives, detonators and radio activator.

Lassou said the bomb was one of several delivered to Libyan agents.

‘The others have not been seized and are still in circulation,’ he said. ‘The government of Chad hopes this will serve as a warning to other nations.’

Libyan delegate Rajab Azzarouk said the charges were ‘without foundation’ and the alleged plot was ‘concocted by one of the many enemies’ of President Hissene Habre inside the northern African nation.




Chad accuses Libya of murder plot

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One Response to Chad accuses Libya of murder plot – 30/01/1985

  1. Craig says:

    Not sure where to start with all this but the following is United Nations recorded summary of the Chad, January 1985 complaint and meeting;

    Should be page 160 and 161 of the google link.
    The Chad representative suggested there is another 14 of these sophisticated devices ‘that had been used’ but were also in operation.
    Seems a bit of a confusing statement, I wonder who suggested the 14 number in use ?
    Jaaaaack…….have you been telling porky pies again ?
    ‘Security Council Hears Chad Complaint against Libya’
    “Gouara Lassou, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Co-operation of Chad, said that on 27 September 1984, a plot aimed at “physically eliminating” President Habre and all members of the Government was foiled in N’djamena. “Qaddafi’s secret dream is the occupation and subjugation of all Chad and the Chadian people in order thereafter to destabilize the rest of Africa.” Chadian authorities had tried, in vain, to negotiate with Libya. While Chad’s civilian population was suffering the hardships of drought and dying of hunger, its Government has been obliged to use a large part of the meagre resources available to the country to cope with a war imposed on it by the Tripoli regime.

    On 26 September 1984 security agents discovered an attaché case in the house of a Chadian businessman named Ali Hassan Adam. The case contained an electronic detonating mechanism and enough explosives to wreck a house completely. …”
    ‘Chad Accuses Khadafy Of Trying To Assassinate Its President and Cabinet’

    “A government report made public in N’Djamena, Chad’s capital, said the attempt was foiled after ”patriotic Chadians” tipped police that a bomb had been planted in the room and was to be set off by remote control during a Cabinet session scheduled for Sept. 27.

    It said security police found and defused the bomb the night before the meeting.
    The government said the bomb, made of 33 pounds of explosives, was planted by a 47-year-old Chadian, Ali Hassan Adam, who was arrested later. It said a ”Libyan agent,” Senoussi Abdelsalam, was to have exploded the bomb by remote control from across the Chari River in neighbouring Cameroon.”

    Clearly, the reports are at best conflicting at worst a complete false narrative being presented to the UN Security Council with clearly US involvement and knowledge.

    I think it’s best to keep in mind the CIA report states the various components including the attaché case, Semtex-H delivered up by shopping bag, were not all ‘recovered’ together.
    Also, where was the actual ‘recovery’ ?
    At Ali Hassan Adam home or in a Government cabinet room ?

    It is also suggested a ‘Senoussi Abdelsalam’ was to initiate the device from across the Chari river in Cameroon.
    I’m not sure but is ‘Senoussi Abdelsalam’ not two names put together as ‘Abdallah Senoussi’ and ‘Abdelsalam Hammouda El Ageli’ ?
    I’ll leave the specific technical comment to others but is the noted distance even possible ?

    The CIA report noted an antenna at the side of the attaché case is required for use.
    Would this not make this suggested device the daftest configuration type for this kind of activity. I’m no expert but would the antenna not be a bit of a give away when the baddie is leaving the case in the room ?
    Almost like a script for a Hollywood movie, all seems utterly ridiculous when each element is looked at.

    Furthermore, if ‘Senoussi Abdelsalam’ is supposed to be ‘Abdallah Senoussi’ and ‘Abdelsalam Hammouda El Ageli’, these two have been convicted in absentia with regard to UTA flight and a supposed suitcase device.
    If the strength of that conviction is any way assisted or associated with the aforementioned dodgy Chad evidence and information presented, I think that whole case just as Lockerbie requires to be looked at afresh.

    The UN Security Council information and subsequent reports do help to date what CIA knew and were involved in as the Chad complaint was presented with ‘photographs, video and attaché case’ to the UN Security Council, New York, 30th January 1985.
    The CIA report SP85002 was belatedly produced between October 1985 and January 1986.

    In my view, it does appear Chad representatives with a clear US influenced and supporting role did mislead the UN Security Council, respected member nations and the wider public.
    Unfortunately, this does not appear to be a one-off event with regard to US accuracy of information presented at the UN, if one were to use a search term ‘Colin’ + ‘Powell’ + ‘UN’ + ‘lies’ + ‘talking shit’, any decent internet browser will provide the results of US dodgy dossier type manoeuvres at the UN are not uncommon.


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