Declassified CIA DOC: OTS solved the Lockerbie Case

In 2001, the Office of Technology Service – OTS – received the “Meritorious Unit Citation Award”.

“The Office of Technical Service (OTS) (formerly known as the Technical Services Staff) is a component of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, responsible for supporting CIA’s clandestine operations with gadgets, disguises, forgeries, secret writings, and weapons. In the 1950s and early 1960s it also researched, investigated, and experimented the use of drugs, chemicals, hypnosis, and isolation to extract information during interrogation, as well as to make it easier for American captives to resist interrogation. OTS is part of CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology.” [Wikipedia]



In order to celebrate the event, the OTS drafted a document that summarises some of their greatest achievements. Near the very end of the paper, which was declassified in 2007, one can read the following:


Any questions?


50 years supporting operations (CIA)

Offices of the CIA – Sciences & Technology

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One Response to Declassified CIA DOC: OTS solved the Lockerbie Case

  1. Craig says:

    I appreciate this has been posted before but it’s worth listening to OTS representative Orkin* [Jack Christie] comments again with regard to PT/35(b).

    Furthermore, the noted FBI involvement and actions with regard to UTA flight, 19th September 1989.
    I understand Tom Thurman was on-site and involved with the investigation of this appalling atrocity, it appears in a very, very similar manner to Lockerbie.

    The following is an extract from a report with regard to UTA flight, 19th September 1989 with regard to FBI ‘explosives experts’ involvement;

    “The timer
    On 15 October 1991, the investigating magistrate was informed of the discovery during the investigation of a piece of green circuit board. (D9129, D 12797)

    Even though it was very small and it did not carry any trace of explosive, this fragment had drawn the attention of the F.B.I.’s special agents, who were allowed to assist the French experts, because it had suffered distortions similar to those picked up at the explosion of the Pan Am flight 10.3 above Lockerbie, which allowed to think that it had been in contact with the charge. (DI 1869)
    It also appeared that, as soon as it had been discovered, the F.B.I. had launched an investigation on the source of this fragment of circuit board, of which the results were communicated to the French magistrate, who decided to carry out new investigations.

    It was thus established that the fragment of electronic part belonged to a product manufactured by Tai Youn Electronics Manufacturing Company Limited in Taiwan. (DI 1624/81)
    Overcoming the legal difficulties resulting from the absence of a diplomatic relationship between Paris and Taipei, the French judge travelled to the Nationalist Republic of China in May 1992. (DI 1868)

    The general director of Tai Youn was questioned, and indicated that the company Costa had ordered several thousand circuit boards of that P.C.B. type for the German company Grasslin„ (DI 1624/82, DI 1888)
    It was thus established that in 1989, the circuit boards, which were manufactured by Tai Youn, were being used by a Costa Electronics company (bought up by the firm Ming-Jong) to manufacture temporizing devices (“timers”) for home and industrial use.

    Wolfang Hwang, head engineer for Ming-Jong, recognized the fragments found in the Tenere Desert as being part of a circuit board manufactured by Tai Youn in subcontracting, but added that this piece integrated in a timer manufactured before 1990 could only have been ordered by Costa, which was bought up by Ming-Jong at the end of 1989.

    He gave the last timer in his possession to the officers in charge of the investigation.

    An expertise ordered by the investigating magistrate was to determine that the fragment found in the Tenere Desert could perfectly be superimposed onto the circuit board of the timer Wolfang Hwang had given to the officers. (DI 1895)

    Costa’s biggest customer was the German company Grasslin Far East Corporation, a subsidiary of the German firrm Grasslin specialized in the exclusive export of temporizing devices, of which it carried out the design and entrusted the manufacturing to subcontractors like Costa.
    Grasslin Far East Corporation did not export its timers, either to the Middle East or to Libya. The investigation thus continued in Germany (DI 2187/12191/12208) where Thomas Grasslin, vice-president of the German firm, was questioned.

    He confirmed that Grasslin Germany received about 25% of the timers manufactured at the order of Grasslin Taiwan using circuit boards purchased from Tai Youn. He added that all the exports of the Taiwan affiliate were done under the control of the German company.

    In 1989, H.P. Marketing had bought 101 temporizing devices from a firm called Kremser, which were manufactured by Grasslin.
    The invoice trail of those operations between Grasslin and Kremser was found, the latter being Grasslin’s exclusive retailer for northern Germany. Peter Kremser confirmed the delivery to H.P. Marketing. (DI 2282/5)

    Hans Peter Wost, president of H.P. Marketing, was questioned. (DI 22.55/3)
    He stated that in the course of 1988, he had gone to Libya three times in order to deliver jamming transmitters, destined to prevent terrorists from setting off explosive devices from a distance.
    On such occasion, Wost had met, among others, an explosives expert from the Libyan Department of the Interior and a person called Issa El Shibani whom he had known since 1980 and who was, according to him, an agent of the Libyan secret services. (DI 1.587)

    In November 1988, El Shibani asked him whether he could deliver tirmers functioning with direct current on an electrical power supply of 9 or 12 volts, to be used for the nocturnal lighting of airfields in the desert.
    When he returned to Germany, Hans Peter Wüst enquired at Grasslin, where he was told to contact Kremser. He first ordered one timer, which was delivered to him on 23 February, and afterwards another one hundred, which were delivered to him on 26 June 1989. (DI 1571/12189)

    H.P. Marketing modified the timers upon El Shibani’s request so that they could be powered by a 12-volt battery, and they were afterwards sent to Tripoli on 26 July 1989. El Shibani informed Wüst of his satisfaction. (DI 1624/7)
    Paul Peter Steimeitz, (DI 22.38/2) one of Hans Peter Wüst’s co-workers, agreed with the latter’s point of view on El Shibani’s membership of the Libyan Secret Services. (DI 1624/16, DI 2238/12).

    He also declared having met Moussa Koussa, then head of the Mathaba, in Tripoli.

    Based on the information gathered by the D.S.T.3, El Shibani is within the Libyan Secret Services, responsible for the technical department. (DI 7435)

    c) The electric wires
    French Internal Intelligence Service.

    Together with the fragment of circuit board, two electric wires were found on the site of the disaster, which had suffered major physical distortions.
    The examination of samples of these two wires by the “explosives” department of the Laboratory of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington established that these two wires did not come from the plane, as they were not the type of wires used by Mc Donnell Douglas for the manufacturing and maintenance of the DC-10. (1)17.316)

    It was also noticed that they were located in the immediate proximity of the explosion point. (DI 7314).
    Their physical properties and colour lead to think that they could come from an electric device that was associated to a detonator or to an explosive, even though the chemical analysis did not show any trace of explosive.
    (DI 5017/15023-3)


    There are a number of issues with regard to the aforementioned information.
    Somehow, the FBI were involved with a ‘recovery’ of a piece of green fragment with an exact match of a timer which has also been completely ruled out of the investigation.
    Of course, there may be very good grounds for this decision including scientific reasoning.

    This still does not address or further investigate why an FBI investigator and ‘explosives expert’ apparently is involved with the discovery of a small piece of green fragment which also amazingly, coincidently, is from a ‘timer’ sourced to Libya.
    The investigation does not appropriately inquire as to the reasons why FBI investigators have been found to be completely and scientifically wrong or where did this piece of green fragment magicked up from FBI representatives was sourced from ?

    It’s almost as if Libyan procurement and purchasing information was known by others in advance.

    I think Mebo did their part on this purchasing information subject matter which could also suggest many others who were commercially involved with Libya during this time also followed the Mebo ‘information sharing’ philosophy.

    The report also notes meetings with the German company representatives and reported CIA/MI6 asset, Moussa Koussa.
    Clearly, someone passed Libyan purchasing information to western intelligence authorities.

    It is worth noting the lights with timer requirement was initiated with the German sales rep, November 1988.
    As noted, Shibani was the Transport Minister at this time which would cover airport facilities.
    This could also rule out the Mebo legend of military associated timers were requested Nov/Dec 1988.
    If memory serves, December 1988 Mebo presented an over priced, off the shelf ‘timer’ which clearly was a throw together.
    The truth of the matter could be the most simplest avenue, the German company presented a superior product at a better price.
    This in turn booted Mebo out of the commercial environment.
    Mebo was increasingly found to be nothing more than a sieve like, second hand car dealer.

    As George Dubya intuitively notes:


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