The Chad Device. CIA Report. P 31

Here is page 31 of the CIA Report on the Chad Device.


To be continued…

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One Response to The Chad Device. CIA Report. P 31

  1. Craig says:


    As soon as CML was noted, one looked for the rat.
    The date code ‘8425’ is the 25th week of the year of 1984 which is June 1984.

    Keep in mind MI5 ‘The Box’ know all about Mebo when these facsimile are written and sent.
    Initially, there is no mention of Mebo with regard to Chad 1984.

    MI5 ‘The Box’ has individually tracked CML items to Globotronix but not to Mebo.
    CIA Orkin* [Jack Christie] has somehow ignored ‘The Box’ information and is contradictory claiming the exact same items as Mebo.

    Lets look back the time frame with regard to Globotronix;
    At 2nd October 1984, a few days after Chad 27th September 1984 ‘recovery’, ex US Military John Arthur MEGIS, born 7th January 1934 in Detroit, Michigan USA requested Fredrich HASLINGER born 2nd December 1940 in Vienna, Austria to deliver a ‘quantity of firearms’ to LPB in Vienna.
    HASLINGER was arrested in the vicinity of LPB Vienna but not delivering anything to same.

    As ‘The Box’ facsimile notes, HASLINGER company Globotronix has already taken delivery of CML products of June 1984 markings.

    Ex US Military MEGIS was no-where to be seen, subsequently put on international stop list and arrested Dover, UK.
    Clearly, the ‘quantity of firearms’ must have been substantial even in 1984 for someone to be placed on a European or worldwide stop list.

    This all took place 2nd October 1984, just a few days after the apparent ‘recovery’ of CIA Chad device of 27th September 1984.

    Orkin* [Jack Christie] confirmed and reported CML parts of the 25th week of 1984 which is June 1984 within CIA SP85002 report.
    Through a process of elimination, this can only be as MEGIS & HASLINGER company Globotronix sourced parts from CML.


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