Explosion Theory Gains Ground – 28/12/1988

“My guess is that it was a large device, probably 10-20 kilos of a plastic explosive like SEMTEX.” Michael Yardley

Here is another clip dated 28/12/1988.


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2 Responses to Explosion Theory Gains Ground – 28/12/1988

  1. Alla croft says:

    What a load of crap 10 to 20 kilo of semtex can not fit in a bomb beat radio cassette the recording on the cockpit voice recorder does not a very loud bang of hundreds of decibels on the aaib report it states ‘a electrical electrical or acoustic noice was recorded’ at the end of the tape and the rest is history in the making of getting all wrong of what happened to PanAm flight 103.


    • Morag says:

      Well, be fair, he said that less than a week after the disaster. The extent of the damage was exceptional for the size of the charge, due to the effect of its positioning. I don’t think that could have been appreciated as early as that.


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