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Leaking the “Poindexter MEMO”: Elaine Morton

“Elaine, I have profound disagreements with the substance of your position… We have established, I think, that pressure against Gaddafi does indeed work and can serve to condition/moderate his behavior.” CIA Vincent Cannistraro Dr Elaine Morton has been suspected of … Continue reading

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Frank Taylor: From Flight 870 to Pan Am 103

“Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.” Nietzche On 23 December 1988, the New York Times published a piece regarding PA 103. One can read: “Frank Taylor, an aviation safety consultant and former investigator for the U.S. National … Continue reading

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BENIN: Twice the Intermediate “Source” of the African MST-13 Timers?

It would appear that the US linked both the Togo and Senegal incidents to Benin… Here is a piece that appeared in the LA Times on August 12 1986: Togo Says It Foiled Plot on U.S. Embassy The Togolese government … Continue reading

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The SENEGAL Timer: US National Intelligence Daily – 23/10/1985

The following document (US National Intelligence Daily – 23/10/1985) may help to read the “Senegal Chapter” of the Lockerbie Affair. Thus, the reader may want to go back to an old post: The Senegal Timer: Pr. Francis A. Boyle’s Theory … Continue reading

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The Lockerbie Solution: “Festina lente”

Today, in his excellent blog (The Lockerbiecase), Pr. Black reminds us that on this date in 1992, the New York Times published an interesting story:  U.S. and Allies to Seek U.N. Support Against Libya. I regard the following part of … Continue reading

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