The SENEGAL Timer: US National Intelligence Daily – 23/10/1985

The following document (US National Intelligence Daily – 23/10/1985) may help to read the “Senegal Chapter” of the Lockerbie Affair.



Thus, the reader may want to go back to an old post: The Senegal Timer: Pr. Francis A. Boyle’s Theory & Other Issues:

International Law professor Francis Boyle suggests an interesting explanation to the puzzling discovery of the MST-13 in Dakar on February 20 1988.

“You will note that when all these allegations began to emerge from Senegal, that exact same week the Financial Times of London reported that Senegal’s public debts had been miraculously rescheduled by the Paris Club at a highly preferential rate that Senegal was not entitled to. It was pretty clear that someone in Senegal  had been bought off.”

One thing is certain. The early months of 1988 were tense in Senegal. Not just because of the Presidential election that Diouf won over Wade who was rumoured to have received funding from Gaddafi.

Certainly, the financial crisis had turned into a food crisis and Wade was, of course, playing that card. According to Diouf’s biography, the US Ambassador played a very helpful role during these hard times.


The document can be found on the CIA Webpage

National Intelligence Daily — 23/10/1985

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