BENIN: Twice the Intermediate “Source” of the African MST-13 Timers?

It would appear that the US linked both the Togo and Senegal incidents to Benin…


Here is a piece that appeared in the LA Times on August 12 1986:

Togo Says It Foiled Plot on U.S. Embassy

The Togolese government said Monday that it has thwarted a plot by leftist extremists to blow up the U.S. Embassy in the tiny West African nation using explosives believed to have been supplied by the Libyan Embassy in neighboring Benin.

The Interior Ministry told reporters that nine people were arrested July 23 for planning the attacks. It said two briefcases containing plastic explosives, a grenade and a pistol were seized, but it did not give details as to where they were found.

Interior Ministry officials said the suspects confessed to having planned to blow up the embassy and an open-air market in the center of Lome using the explosives smuggled from Benin, a radical Marxist state with close ties to Libya. Togo has not formally protested to Libya because it is not totally certain of Tripoli’s involvement, the officials said.

Here is a piece published on May 20, 1988 by The New York Times:

U.S. Says Benin, Libya Conspire

The United States has accused the West African nation of Benin of allowing Libyan agents to use its territory to foment acts of terrorism, the State Department said on Thursday

U.S. Embassy officials in Benin have “strenuously protested“ Benin`s tolerance of such activities to senior officials in Benin, including the country`s president, Brig. Gen. Mathieu Kerekou, State Department officials said.

Kerekou falsely assured the United States that he had put an end to Libyan terrorist activities in his country, the officials said.

The accusation against Benin springs from an incident on Feb. 20 in which two Libyan agents and one Senegalese citizen were arrested at the airport in Dakar, Senegal, after arriving on a flight from Cotonou, Benin`s largest town.

Officials said they were carrying a sophisticated electronic time-delay firing device (NOTE: MST-13 boxed timer), 19 pounds of plastic explosive and TNT, 10 electrical detonators and other materials that could be used to make a bomb, as well as a pistol with a silencer and 25 rounds of ammunition.

As you may infer from this post, I am now convinced that the Togo timers are “linked” to the 23 July 1986 event and are definitely not related to the 23 September 1986 coup attempt. This is the only way to understand the reports from Casey, the allegations of Sherrow, the absence of the MST-13 timers among the weapons seized from the coup plotters and the undisputable existence of the “FLASH” timers. I believe that the CIA cables from Togo and the police reports regarding the 23 July event would establish the truth. These were of course NOT passed to the defence team at the Lockerbie trial.


Togo Says It Foiled Plot on U.S. Embassy  — August 12, 1986

U.S. Says Benin, Libya Conspire — May 20, 1988


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