LOCKERBIE SECRET DOC – Let us get started

“In the Commission’s view the Crown’s decision not to disclose one of the documents to the defence indicates that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred in applicant’s case. In reaching this decision the Commission has taken into account paragraphs 49, 73 and 74 of the trial court’s judgment.” [SCCRC 25.6]

What does it mean ? Let us read these paragraphs.

[49] we are unable to exclude the possibility that any MST-13 timers in the hands of the Stasi left their possession, although there is no positive evidence that they did and in particular that they were supplied to the PFLP-GC.

[73] We turn next to the evidence in relation to members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (“PFLP-GC”). (…) the timers were of a type known as ice-cube timers. These were quite different from MST-13s, much less sophisticated and much less reliable

[74] There was no evidence that the cell had the materials necessary to manufacture an explosive device of the type that destroyed PA103. In particular there was no evidence that they had an MST-13 timer.

For the reasons given elsewhere, while a small quantity of such timers was supplied by MEBO to the East German Stasi, there is no evidence at all to suggest that any of them found their way into the hands of organisations such as the PFLP-GC.

At this point, I can only conclude that the “SECRET DOC” points to the PFLP-GC having received – one way or another – at least one MST-13 timer. Whether true or not. That is another story.


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1 Response to LOCKERBIE SECRET DOC – Let us get started

  1. Craig says:

    If the rumour mill is correct, MacAskill information will suggest the King of Jordan issued formal correspondence to UK Prime Minister implicating PFLP-GC with Lockerbie.

    Apparently ‘John Major’ as PM received this information but also relates to UK Transport Minister Paul Channon comments in early 1989 referencing imminent arrests.

    However, MacAskill also states that he like the Scottish Court did not have access to the information or the documents.
    In my view, more importantly effected families, friends, citizens did not have access to the information.

    I think that will change in the very near future regardless of UK or Scot Gov unwillingness.
    Furthermore, the US have this information, all the best to US Gov attempting to refuse or suppress this information from release.
    There is a vast amount of the historic information already released and known.


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