Alex Salmond & MacAskill’s Lockerbie Book


“This book details the duplicity of UK and US governments who condemned the release while negotiating commercial deals with the Gaddafi regime. It tells of the pressures on the judicial system of Scotland from the global controversy and a Justice Secretary’s search for justice. It ends with the most credible explanation yet published of who was really responsible for the downing of Pan Am flight 103. A must-read book by the man in the eye of the storm.”    

Alex Salmond

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One Response to Alex Salmond & MacAskill’s Lockerbie Book

  1. Craig says:

    I’d be surprised if the book will add anything material to the case or more importantly, the truth.
    For MacAskill and his SNP colleagues to criticize UK Gov with regard to BP concessions, this is a fair point.
    However, MacAskill also confirms Scot Gov joined in and requested concessions of UK Gov [!] then you’ve lost both the high ground and professional integrity.

    Let’s not forget the vast majority of BP interests in the UK are in Scotland. BP might have a couple of offices in London but there are thousands of people onshore / offshore Scotland.
    It is ridiculous for MacAskill to argue Scot Gov had no influence or material involvement in BP interests noting these were solely a UK Gov matter.

    I think the last few weeks have highlighted this imbecile MacAskill integrity and professionalism for what it is, an absolute disgrace.

    As a proud Scot, I am thoroughly ashamed of this on-going disgusting debacle being played out by numerous state actors.
    Richard Marquise, Stuart Henderson, Frank Mulholland – hang your heads in shame for what you have done.
    Make no mistake, the history books will not be kind.

    Scotland is better than this.


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