“There was a single primary return received (…) 16 seconds before SSR returns were lost. […] No explanation can be offered for its presence.”

Did you know that the RADAR information regarding PA 103 has NEVER been explained?

Here is the key paragraph from the AAIB. ( )


The following picture shows the last radar returns of PA103. The unexplained return is marked by the rhombus on the right side of the second return before last.

Radar - First Primary

Radar – First Primary


Here are the locations of these radars. ( I am not sure about St Annes. Is it the one next to Blackpool Airport?) The red line is the flight path of PA 103: about 310°.

Radar Locations

Radar Locations

Also, notice that the debris were spread left AND right – over about a nautical mile – in a few seconds after the last return.

Any comments?

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One Response to Pan AM 103: RADAR INFORMATION

  1. Craig says:
    St Anne’s is the radar station near Blackpool.

    I appreciate the issue of the returns between the left and right side of the aircraft but I don’t understand it or how it works.
    Could the right side return be part of the structure which has broken off ?


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