CIA Weird Cables – Update

“Interesting that Megrahi was in the Lockerbie frame in October 1989, a year before the police heard about him through Bollier.” John Ashton  (Email June 2 2016)

John Ashton told me recently that he was also puzzled but the fact that Megrahi was the subject of a CIA cable in October 1989, that is long before the investigation turned to – and solely  focussed on – Libya.

My post can be read here: Weird CIA CABLE – 17 OCT 1989

But John – as always – adds something which is even more puzzling. A full year later, Megrahi and Masud are still mixed up!?!

“It’s weird that Megrahi and Mas’ud were mixed up. There is another instance, see para 5 of the attached, which was a production at trial (unlike yours). “


And by the way, we learn from this cable that the CIA would NOT agree to pay Giaka a salary nor loan him US$ 2000 ( to buy bananas from Malta and resell them at four times the cost in Libya) because they simply could not trust him… Slippery.



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