Lockerbie: “At this point it becomes very frightening!”

This is a recent email from a wise reader of this blog. [Paul IF]

“The more I study the collection of evidence related to Lockerbie, the less sure I become that any of it is genuine – other than those items which were the possessions of the victims and which were later identified by their families. We know PT35b was fake evidence and was probably planted after the explosion, the Malta clothes are just too convenient for the prosecution and there are so many anomalies with the colour, design and labels, not to mention the whole Gauci story, that it seems possible that they might have been planted after the explosion. The white-then-black bits of Toshiba cassette radio, the intact Toshiba manual which had supposedly been wrapped around the IED, and so on. Is it possible that the forensic evidence was also faked? Indeed was any of the Lockerbie evidence genuine? ”

“Is there any genuine, honest evidence; and, ultimately, was the explosion also “planted” to look like a terrorist attack or was it all pre-planned? At this point it becomes very frightening!”

These are all very good questions. I have no answers… Only doubts of my own.

Regards, Ludwig

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6 Responses to Lockerbie: “At this point it becomes very frightening!”

  1. Edwin Bollier says:

    Dear Dr. Ludwig

    BRAVO ! best Edwin

    2016-06-07 20:46 GMT+02:00 PT35B :

    > Ludwig posted: “This is a recent email from a wise reader of this blog. > [Paul IF] “The more I study the collection of evidence related to > Lockerbie, the less sure I become that any of it is genuine – other than > those items which were the possessions of the victims and w” >


  2. George Thomson says:

    Ludwig. You know what my position has been since the first day we met. I am no longer afraid to say in public what I told you then

    When the German Police arrested the PFLP people in Neuss in October 1988 they found in their car a Toshiba Radio which concealed an IED The radio was contained in a cardboard box along with an Instruction Manuel for the radio. They may or may not have also recovered a copper coloured Samsonite suitcase but they knew from their surveillance operation that the gang were using such a case

    As a result of what they found a warning was sent out urging airline security at all airports to be on the lookout for this type of device

    When the plane came down in Lockerbie the Investigating authorities had a fair idea who was responsible and within a short period of time they began to “””FIND”””” various fragments which matched the warning issued as a result of what was recovered in possession of the PFLP GC Cell in Neuss

    They claimed to have recovered from a fold in the identification plate from the luggage container fragments (AG145) which Feraday soon idle tied as coming from a Toshiba Radio. (he later changed his mind about the model). These fragments could not have been found where it was claimed and I can prove it

    A fragment of recovered suitcase casing with lining attached was recovered and rushed of to Samsonite in the USA BY a Scottish Officer assisted by an FBI officer. The official position was that Samsonite identified this fragment as one of their cases BUT that is also not true and I have an official FBI report on the Samsonite meeting which clearly states that Samsonite rejected the idea that the fragment shown to them originated from one of their cases

    Undeterred however the Scottish Police along with The FBI continued to build a case against against the The PFLP GC and actually submitted a report to The Lord Advocate requesting the detention of various members of the cell and this report continually asserted that the bomb which brought down Pan Am 103. Was a barometric device

    They then embarked on the fallacy that they had recovered various fragments of clothing showing evidence of close explosive involvement which they managed to trace back to a shop in Malta where the shop keeper incredulously remembered selling the very same clothes to a guy who resembled Abu Talb

    What a marvellous piece of Police Investigation they were delighted and held a party to celebrate cracking the case

    Then someone spoiled the Party and decided to let the PFLP GC off the hook and the blame was shifted to Megrahi and Libya. All they had to do was introduce the now infamous electronic timer fragment PT35b into the chain of evidence and link it to MST timers sold to Libya by MEBO AND change the shopkeepers identification such as it was from Abu Talb to Megrahi. This allowed them to leave in place all the fabricated clothing evidence

    The rest is history and it resulted in the worst misscarriage of justice in Scottish Legal history

    I do not make these allegations lightly BUT I do have the evidence to back them up

    I would welcome an honest debate with someone such as Richard Marquis but I do not think that will happen I recently travelled to Washington with a film crew but he refused the chance to debate with me

    George Thomson


  3. PaulF says:

    George, your comments really hit the mark. I was unaware that the identification of the Samsonite fragment was questionable and this adds more weight to concerns that so much of the Lockerbie evidence could be faked. This, together with so much of the implausibly-found “evidence”, such as the, literally, unbelievable treasure trove of incriminating detail which managed to blast itself into the exterior ID plate on the luggage container (as described by George, above), stretches credibiity in the Crown case beyond breaking-point.


  4. Craig says:

    Agree with many of the comments and echo the statements, particularly of Mr George Thomson who I respect.

    My genuine concern is with regard to the Samsonite suitcase matter.
    Is it the position a Samsonite suitcase was not involved in this atrocity ?

    Dr Morag Kerr has published a book on this individual matter which clearly identifies the suitcase which I understand is identified as a copper-coloured or maroon Samsonite.

    If there is no Samsonite, there is no book.

    The point being, if a Samsonite was never involved, where on earth did this story appear from ?


  5. PaulF says:

    Craig, like you I am very disturbed at the possibility that the Samsonite might not be a Samsonite. I have always believed that it was a Samsonite and I still do (unless it was a Samsonite copy; and there are thousands of those about). My point is that we can’t take any of the evidence for granted unless and until it has been thoroughtly scrutinised by those outwith the official investigation, Dr Kerr, for example.


  6. geirge Thomson says:

    Here is another truth on which to ponder. The Scottish Police did not limit their evidence fabrication to target Megrahi. In November 1989 when Talb was still very much their suspect they went to Sweden and collected over three hundred items of clothing which had earlier been seized during a search of Talbs home by the Swedish Police. The Swedish Police had meticulously prepared a list of the items seized and this was given to the Scottish Police along with an official translation

    For some reason the Scottish Police then saw fit to prepare another list of their own and every article except one in this list matched exactly the items on the official Swedish list. This article which was described in the Swedish list as a pair of child’s kick-trousers with a size and manufacturers label AA. They changed the kick-trousers to a BABYGRO with penguins on the front which had no size or manufacturers label attached and then took all the clothing to Malta in an effort to have it identified

    I think Talb was a lucky man that world politics intervened or he might well have been convicted for Pan Am 103

    It will come as no surprise to students of this case that when evidence was produced in Court in relation to the Blue Babygro with the sheep or lamb on the front the Crown produced a dispatch note to prove that the babygro attributed to Megrahi had been shipped by the Maltese Manufacturer. Included in the list a few colums below was a reference to a number of babygros with penguins on the front being shipped in the same order


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