The story of the BABYGRO has recently surfaced in several comments regarding the last post. I am not at all an expert on this item but I have known for several years that there were some concerns about this piece of evidence.


Most of you know that this Babygro links quite nicely Abu talb, Malta, the PFLP-GC, Dalkamouni and the whole gang of the “Autumn Leaves Op” in Germany.

In a recent comment, Georges Thomson tells us that this item is very dubious. This is what he writes:

“The Scottish Police did not limit their evidence fabrication to target Megrahi. In November 1989 when Talb was still very much their suspect they went to Sweden and collected over three hundred items of clothing which had earlier been seized during a search of Talbs home by the Swedish Police. The Swedish Police had meticulously prepared a list of the items seized and this was given to the Scottish Police along with an official translation

For some reason the Scottish Police then saw fit to prepare another list of their own and every article except one in this list matched exactly the items on the official Swedish list. This article which was described in the Swedish list as a pair of child’s kick-trousers with a size and manufacturers label AA. They changed the kick-trousers to a BABYGRO with penguins on the front which had no size or manufacturers label attached and then took all the clothing to Malta in an effort to have it identified

I think Talb was a lucky man that world politics intervened or he might well have been convicted for Pan Am 103

It will come as no surprise to students of this case that when evidence was produced in Court in relation to the Blue Babygro with the sheep or lamb on the front the Crown produced a dispatch note to prove that the babygro attributed to Megrahi had been shipped by the Maltese Manufacturer. Included in the list a few colums below was a reference to a number of babygros with penguins on the front being shipped in the same order”

Today, I only wish to point out a very simple fact as noticed by the SCCRC.

“As part of the Commission’s enquiries, George Brown was interviewed on 26 September 2005 by two members of the enquiry team

He was asked, in particular, why he had been unable to recover from Big Ben Clothing in July 1989 the invoice confirming that babygros were supplied to Mary’s House [Tony Gauci]. Mr Brown’s position was that Big Ben had no records. [SCCRC 11.11]

In July 1989, Paul Gauci of Big Ben Clothing told police that Big Ben had no records showing to whom the garments (Babygro) had been sold.

In September 1989 Paul Gauci was able to produce an invoice for the sale of the babygros to Mary’s House. [SCCRC 11.12]”

What are we supposed to think of that? Just another miraculous document? Sure, it can happen. But how many times in a single case?

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One Response to The BABYGRO MYSTERY

  1. Scott says:

    Does Mr Gauci of Big Ben simply share same name as Paul from Mary’s House?

    “Included in the list a few columns below was a reference to a number of babygros with penguins on the front being shipped in the same order” – it’s things like this that convinces me that some, if not all, of the suitcase evidence was planted.
    What to make of the alleged missing body tagged by Dr Fieldhouse and the coffin spotted at Carlisle?
    I’m not convinced the PFLP-GC were involved.I recall Magnus Linklater informing the stage and the audience at an Edinburgh Book Festival event a few years back (I’m pretty sure George, like me, was in the audience) that in the hours/days/weeks after the bombing the media were led towards implicating the group by police/government sources.
    The whole thing is a murky swamp and it stinks.


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