In the last few days, much has been written about the CIA/MI6 cosy relation with Libya in the years following 9//11.

“Former senior MI6 officer Sir Mark Allen will not face charges over the rendition and torture of two Libyan dissidents after the Crown Prosecution Service decided there was insufficient evidence to proceed.”

You probably remember that evidence of Allen’s involvement emerged in correspondence with Allen that was found inside the abandoned office of Moussa Koussa.

There can be little doubt that this story is a very important one, and not just to Human Rights defenders.

It would appear that it steered serious troubles among Intelligence Agencies.

“The head of MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller, was so incensed when she discovered the role played by MI6 in abductions that led to suspected extremists being tortured, she threw out a number of her sister agency’s staff and banned them from working at MI5’s headquarters, Thames House.”

“According to Whitehall sources, she also wrote to the then prime minister, Tony Blair, to complain about the conduct of MI6 officers, saying their actions had threatened Britain’s intelligence gathering and may have compromised the security and safety of MI5 officers and their informants.”

However, I believe that the following document is even more important to the Lockerbie case.

Letter from Steve Kappes to Mousa Kousa

Letter from Steve Kappes to Moussa Koussa

Indeed, it shows that, at the very moment, the US was accusing two officers of the Jamahirya Security Organization (JSO), Steve Kappes – then Head of the Middle-East Division and later Deputy Director of the CIA – was having a good relation with Moussa Koussa who was, at the time of Lockerbie, a senior officer of the JSO and eventually its boss.

How do you explain that?

Regards, L

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