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Boeing 747 — The End of an Era?

“Aviation investigations are replete with accident scenarios that couldn’t happen. And given the lack of bomb evidence so far, neither scenario has been ruled out, officials said. First is the possibility that the doomed plane’s front section, which has a … Continue reading

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“But Washington does not want to upset the Syrians these days. So when the Libyan plastic [PT/35(b)] was discovered, the evidence about the bomb plot of the Syrian-based terrorist gang was judged to be irrelevant to the question of Syrian complicity in … Continue reading

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The Lockerbie Secret Doc: Khreesat and the Swiss

“Marwan Khreesat is still wanted in connection with the bomb on the El Al flight. There can be little doubt that Khreesat is the bomb-maker for the PFLP-GC, that he was brought to West Germany for that purpose and there … Continue reading

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Lockerbie and the Secret Doc: Why the PII Certificate?

“Policy is like a play in many acts which unfolds inevitably once the curtain is raised. To declare then that the performance will not take place is an absurdity. The play will go on, either by means of the actors … Continue reading

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The Connor Report

Let us go back to early 1989. “When Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary began its investigation into the bombing, it believed the PFLP-GC was involved. A report written in 1989 by Supt Pat Connor identified 15 members of the organisation he … Continue reading

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The Senegal Timer, Ahmed Khalifa Niasse & Facebook

This is a  bit puzzling… The Facebook page of Ahmed Khalifa Niasse actually includes the PT35(b) post about his role in the arrest of the two Libyan at Dakar Airport in February 1988. That event was crucial as it allows … Continue reading

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The Legend of The Iranian Payment – UPDATE

I asked de Villiers about his next novel, and his eyes lighted up. “It goes back to an old story,” he said. “Lockerbie.” The book is based on the premise that it was Iran — not Libya — that carried … Continue reading

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