MacAskill : Bush-Thatcher Infamous Phone Call – A Comment

In a recent post, I wrote the following:

In his book, Kenny MacAskill writes (p 42):

« The US investigative columnist Jack Anderson had revealed in January 1990 that on the very day Channon was in the Garrick Club [March 16 1989], Margaret Thatcher took a call from President H. W. Bush, who asked her to ‘cool it’. »

This is however untrue. According to the source, it is Margaret Thatcher who called Bush! In his piece, Jack Anderson wrote:

« Thatcher called Bush on the phone. In that conversation, they agreed that neither could stand the political heat of making the evidence public because both were impotent to retaliate. »

Georges Thompson posted the following comment:

“Dale Van Atta should appear in our next Lockerbie film on Al Jaz. I met him at his home where we filmed him, he is a very interesting guy and obviously had very good contacts. He confirms the Thatcher/Bush call and from the background information he was able to discuss with us in confidence I have no reason to doubt him.”

In order to understand this comment, you should know that Dale Van Atta worked with Jack Anderson and co-authored that particular scoop.

Question: can anyone guess what was the true rationale for Thatcher to ‘cool it’? And what event could possibly have driven the agenda? If these questions could  be answered, a major part of this puzzle would be solved. I will suggest an explanation soon.

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