Lockerbie Forensic Notes: Page 49

In a recent post, I wrote the following:

“Dr. Hayes began its work on December 27 1988 when he found evidence of an explosion on the lower frame of a luggage pallet. The work goes on – day after day – until March 1989 when it came to a sudden halt. Then the work resumed on May 12 1989 with the discovery of PT/35(b) recorded on the infamous page 51. Little happens next. Then on September 1989, the investigation goes to Malta and, from now on, Libya is the new focus.”

This post gives me the opportunity to tell you something about the page on which the last March 89 forensic work is recorded.

Here is page 49 from Dr. Hayes:

Dr Hayes - Page 49

Dr Hayes – Page 49

Now, do you notice something? Yes! The next entry is dated May 15. Who cares? Well, PT/35(b) is discovered on May 12 and is recorded on the infamous Page 51. Odd enough?

PS: In case you wonder, page 50 is also dated 12/05/1989.

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One Response to Lockerbie Forensic Notes: Page 49

  1. Craig says:

    With reference to examination page 49, I think it’s damning with regard to the examination notes and dates. I thought the second date 15/5/89 could be a genuine mistake, the month noted as a 5 instead of a 3 but the 5 is very clear, this cannot be a mistake.

    The reason being – the initial examination date top right hand corner ’15/3/89′, if the noted items were examined on the same date there is no reason or requirement to provide a secondary date further down the page.

    It’s clear the examination notes abruptly cease Tuesday 15/3/89.
    Paul Channon met journalists at the Carrick Club Wednesday 16/3/89 apparently arrests were imminent etc which was subsequently denied.
    Also, UK Prime Minister further confirmed to Parliament Monday 20/3/89 both the item of baggage and tape recorder were known.

    As examination page 49 confirms the next date is Monday 15/5/89.
    [12/5/89 is a Friday]

    Agreed, whichever way you look there are two months between 15 March 1989 to 15 May 1989 where RARDE as the forensic examiners of this case effectively down tools.
    In my view, the related issue is what made RARDE cease 15 March 1989, was it top down instructions or was it the evidence was wholesale toward PFLP-GC.

    For RARDE to very abruptly stop examinations of the largest terror act of the time there must be a reason why ? There must be internal RARDE instructions or even Scottish police, Crown correspondence or an associated report with cease and desist inclusive of the reasons for same.
    Has there been an explanation why RARDE stopped 15/3/89 ?
    Forensics usually stop when the evidence is irrefutable, mostly rightly due to costs and resource.

    April 1989 there was numerous controlled explosives tests carried out in the US supervised conducted by Feraday and Thurman.
    Where these exploration or confirmation tests ?

    The real issue and problem I have is this, either 12/5/89 or 15/5/89 there is an inescapable factually recorded two month inactive period with no items examined.
    The next listed item examined is not only significant but the item which will determine the whole case.
    This is the equivalent of pulling a white rabbit out of a hat.


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