The Senegal Timer, Ahmed Khalifa Niasse & Facebook

This is a  bit puzzling… The Facebook page of Ahmed Khalifa Niasse actually includes the PT35(b) post about his role in the arrest of the two Libyan at Dakar Airport in February 1988.

That event was crucial as it allows — according to the official story of the Lockerbie investigation –the link between Libya and MEBO, the Swiss company that produced the MST13 timer.


Who knows? Perhaps, Niasse is willing to discuss the event? I remind you that President Diouf kindly replied to me but said that he had nothing to add to what he wrote in his biography about this event . President Diouf makes it clear that this was a sting operation. [How many Presidents write about an airport arrest in their biography?]

For what is worth, I do not believe that Senegal/Diouf would have approved an operation (obviously “overseen” by French and US intelligence) which involved real/functional  weapons, explosive and… timers being carried on regular commercial flights.

It is a fact that Jean Collin –a member of the Diouf cabinet —  told the Lockerbie investigators that the MST-13 timer “could not have been used  for terrorism purpose.”

Draw your own conclusions.


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One Response to The Senegal Timer, Ahmed Khalifa Niasse & Facebook

  1. Craig says:

    Public Notice to Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, 15th of July 2016.
    Facebook link;

    Dear Ahmed Khalifa Niasse,

    From the following photo you obviously have high-level association with the French Government apparently for many years;

    I understand whispers have confirmed you are forever in the pocket of either USA or French agencies, and you were personally involved with regard to the February 1988 operation.
    Inter alia some say you are a total monetary inclined double agent of the highest order.

    Given so much time has elapsed since 1988, you owe it to the families and friends to provide the truth of what went on before, during and after 1988.

    God have mercy on your soul.


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