Lockerbie and the Secret Doc: Why the PII Certificate?

“Policy is like a play in many acts which unfolds inevitably once the curtain is raised. To declare then that the performance will not take place is an absurdity. The play will go on, either by means of the actors . . . or by means of the spectators who mount the stage. . . . Intelligent people never consider this the essence of the problem, however. For them it lies in the decision whether the curtain is to be raised at all.”

Prince Klemens von Metternich

When we first heard of the “Secret Doc”, very little was known about it.

“A legal battle to release a secret intelligence report which could free the Libyan man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing is to continue after judges ruled the foreign secretary had the right to suppress the document.”

“The ruling from the Lord Justice General, Lord Hamilton, dashes the hopes of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi that he would be quickly released.”

“It emerged last year that two secret papers had been given to the UK by a foreign government in September 1996, four years before al-Megrahi’s trial began, but had never been disclosed to his defence team even though Scottish police and prosecutors had seen them.” The Guardian 7 March 2008

We now know that the secret doc originated from Jordan and was sent to John Major in 1996.

The SCCRC concluded that if that document – which we believe  deals with the MEBO timer (PT35b) and the PFLP-GC of Ahmed Jibril – had been made available to the defence of Megrahi, the judges could not have reached some of the conclusions that were necessary to convict Megrahi.

MacAskill explains that (A) he has not seen the document and (B) that the PII was justified because it could steer troubles.

MacAskill writes (P200):

“The British Government, however,  was entirely intransigent. Later information was to show that there were more contemporary events that were driving their desire for secrecy, but at the time it was one of those situations whereby those in the loop knew but could not say and others had suspicions but did not know.”


Which “more contemporary events” is MacAskill possibly talking about? What legal reason (Or excuse?) did the British Government invoke to prevent the document from being used?


A well-informed source — who would speak only on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic — suggested the following explanation. (As Con Coughlin would say…)

In late 2007, the GID arrested a Jordanian doctor — Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al Balawi —  known for his connection to al Qaeda. Then, in the following months, they re-educated him and turned him into a GID/CIA asset. Well, at least that is what they thought. In theory, this Jordanian asset was going to lead the CIA to Ayman al-Zawahri, the Egyptian doctor who was Al Qaeda’s second in command and possibly Ben Laden himself.

On December 30 2009, al Balawi blew himself up and killed 7 CIA officers   at the C.I.A.’s Forward Operating Base Chapman in the southeastern province of Khost. He also killed Jordanian intelligence officer, Capt. Sharif Ali bin Zeid who was a cousin of the King.


King Abdullah II, Queen Rania, and Crown Prince Hussein attended GID Captain Sharif Ali bin Zeid’s funeral.

Here is an analysis from the New York Times:

The attack was also embarrassing for Jordan’s government, which did not want the depths of its cooperation with the C.I.A. revealed to its own citizens or other Arabs in the region.

The United States, and the C.I.A. in particular, are deeply unpopular in Jordan, where at least half the population is of Palestinian origin and where Washington’s support for Israel is roundly condemned.

King Abdullah II and his government, while working closely with Washington in counterterrorism operations and providing strategic support for operations in Iraq, try to keep that work secret.

In Jordan, official media reported that Zeid was killed on a “humanitarian mission” in Afghanistan. There was no mention of the CIA cooperation

And Thus…

The curtain could not be raised for the play would have unfolded inevitably and revealed an incovenient truth. Instead, a “noble lie” would do… At least, some people thougt so.


“In his last statement issued by the Al Qaeda’s media wing As-Sahab, al Balawi revealed that Jordanian intelligence was co-operating with the CIA to kill or capture senior Al-Qaeda and other militant group leaders. He further claimed that the Jordanian Intelligence Directorate assisted the CIA in killing Imad Mughniyah, a senior Hizbullah militant killed in Lebanon.” [Wikipedia] Imad Mughniyah was killed on 12 February 2008.


Klemens von Metternich, Aus Metternich’s Nachgelassenen Papieren (1880), vol. 8, p. 190, as quoted by Henry Kissinger, A World Restored (1957), chapter 4, p. 41.

Judges back Lockerbie evidence suppression


The Secret doc, Jordan and the General Intelligence Directorate

Attacker in Afghanistan Was a Double Agent

L’agent double qui a berné la CIA LeMonde

Coughlin has written numerous articles about the alleged Iranian military program such as “Meanwhile, Iran Gets On With Its Bomb,” “Israeli Crisis Is a Smoke Screen for Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions,” “Iran Accused of Hiding Secret Nuclear Weapons Site,” “Iran Has Missiles to Carry Nuclear Warheads,” “UN Officials Find Evidence of Secret Uranium Enrichment Plant,” “Iran Plant Has Restarted Its Nuclear Bomb-Making Equipment,” and “Iran Could Go Nuclear Within Three Years.” Not a single one of these articles quotes a named source. See How MI6 uses the media to deceive the world


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10 Responses to Lockerbie and the Secret Doc: Why the PII Certificate?

  1. Craig says:

    A couple of points of interest – Kenny MacAskill is a Nationalist from his skint student days to less than dizzying heights as a crap Solicitor, and of course a fervent SNP figure who so happened to be Justice Secretary.
    This was due to no other candidates having any legal qualification, not that it is a precursor for the position but Kenny boy had a clear run.

    Sure the laddie held the title Justice Secretary but I don’t think anyone would be speaking out of school to suggest the aforementioned could ever professionally be the brightest spark of any gathering.
    Source: Kenny MacAskill book.

    The guy is a professional failure and a crank.


  2. Craig says:

    I noticed there is a 167 page report on-line.
    Apparently, Scotsman, RT, The Intercept, Vice News and others are involved as they all have the linked information which is freely available.

    Lockerbie Pan Am 103
    Posted on Scribd – the concealed 167 page Scottish police report 5th June 1989 confirming PFLP-GC as the perpetrators of the Lockerbie atrocity.

    For Scottish belief in fairness, rule of law and functioning judicial system, confidence has to be restored with criminal investigations thoroughly carried out.
    It’s obvious Scottish police officers and others collectively looked the other way.
    Shame on you.
    These people are a stain on our nation and are absolutely not above the law.


  3. George Thomson says:

    Craig you may be interested to know that during a recent investigation in Switzerland our team managed to get our hands on an official Goverment document which confirms that in June 1989 Swiss Police did receive from a MEBO – source documents and materials in relation to MST timers. THE DOCUMENT GOES ON TO CONFIRM THAT THIS MATERIAL WAS THEN HANDED OVER TO THE AMERICANS.
    It’s funny how it all fits into place isn’t it ??


    • L says:

      Well done! If this document is genuine – and Thomson is not an amateur – it will indeed explaiin the way the forgery occured. As far as I know, this is consistent with all the facts I am aware of. It is highly plausible that this material was used to manufacture PT35B in the late summer 89 and then re-introduced in the chain of evidence in May 89 for obvious reasons. Very well done. I look forward to see the document. I will think this over during the weekend. Best, L


    • John Curran says:

      You are so right George. Now add in that the clothes found in the suitcase containing the Bomb were actually bought by Giaka (the CIA asset) and not Megrahi. Bollier cinfirmed this in his investigations and the bomb was put on at Heathrow and not Malta and that certain groups of people were warned off flying on that plane and the CIA told Thatcher not to hold a public inquiry. Yes George its all fitting into place and there is more to come.


  4. Scott says:

    Thanks Craig – downloaded the pdf. Page 113 – “Given that the trip to Denmark took place in December 88, Kaplan must be questioned about this and any other trips…..”.
    Those pesky Swiss and their neutrality George 😉


  5. Craig says:

    To George – excellent, THANK YOU for continuing and never giving up. Very much look forward to seeing the results of your investigations.
    Still reading through information but already I am appalled or sickened of how things proceeded from the early days of the investigation. They were all over these people big time, if only they had continued with full support and proper access.

    Hillsborough, Chilcot, numerous Northern Ireland Inquiries.
    There needs to be a proper Public Inquiry about this whole matter. UK / Scot Gov position to refuse holding a Public Inquiry is untenable. The interest for holding a Public Inquiry is overwhelming and matters can only go in one direction to increase the requirement to do so.

    The whole thing is so sad.

    To Scott – Still reading through but have you noticed how many times Uppsala,Sweden appears ?


  6. George Thomson says:

    Craig As a piece of Background to the Connor Report it was never at any time disclosed to the original defence team and came to Megrahi’s original defence team via the disclosure of the BKA Files just prior to the start of the original Trial. I first had sight of these files when I started on the team in early 2003 The files were accompanied by a letter from the BKA to Megrahi’s German Lawyer stating that Megrahi was not and had never been a suspect in relation to Pan Am 103 as far as the German Authorities were concerned

    The same applied to the Scottish Police List of clothing which Entwhistle took from Sweden to Malta this was never officially disclosed and only surfaced due to the tenacious efforts of Megrahi’s Maltese Lawyers operating on Malta

    In the original Aljazeera Documentary we showed a photograph of the pocket section of the grey Slalom Shirt which showed that the actual pocket was relatively intact. In Court the Crown produced a Photograph of that same shirt which showed that a section of the pocket area was torn away. The photograph which showed the pocket intact came from the German Files. In the application to the SCCRC I made particular reference to the differences in the two photographs and suggested that they contact the Germans and ask for access to the original photograph but the SCCRC failed to address that point.


  7. Allan craft says:

    I know where the PCB was made I know who planted it
    I know why it was planted
    But no one won’t believe me
    I know what really happened to flight pan am 103 and why it broke up at 31,000ft first we have to clear Bassett name then shit will hit the fan at the crown office with a lot of the ex policemen going to pokee .


  8. Scott says:

    Craig – I did indeed notice Uppsala being referred to numerous times.

    Allan – no one believes you as you insist on suggesting that an IED wasn’t responsible for Pan Am 103’s destruction.


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