The Senegal Timer: Police Report (2017)

“This arm, fitted with a silencer, had no compatible ammunition. In the same briefcase, a packet of 25 bullets 9 mm was found. These bullets did not have a compatible arm either.”

Police Report

Beretta 7.§( mm

Beretta 7.56 mm

The following description of the event (Dakar Airport, 20 February 1988) is taken verbatim from the Police Report.

When the passengers got off, we observed the presence of Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, known notoriously for his dealings with Libya.

He was accompanied by two North African-looking individuals, who seemed bothered. Mr Niasse, having tried to go directly to the VIP lounge, was asked to follow the marked route.

On their arrival in the immigration hall, these individuals were subjected to a body search and taken to the VIP lounge.

Here their hand and hold luggage was searched and this led to the discovery of the arms and explosives listed below:

  •  9m slow fuse
  • 4 blocks TNT (1.6 kg)
  • 2 blocks plastic explosive, type SEMTEX-H
  • 9 electric detonators
  • 5 pyrotechnic detonators
  • 1 electric detonating timing device (NB. This is the MST-13)
  • 1 Beretta automatic pistol, 7.56 caliber, serial No.  327771 with silencer
  • 1 packet of 25 bullets (9 mm)
  • 1 empty clip
  • 5 “pastilles” for the silencer

The small case in which the arsenal was located was carried  by one of the individuals carrying a Senegalese passport in the name of Mamadou FALL.

A body search led to the discovery of a Libyan passport in the name of El MARZOUK, Mohamed,  born in 1952 in Tripoli and exercising the profession of farmer.

The  second  individual named Mansour Omran  SABER  born  in  1953  in Ben Ghashir ( Libya) exercising  the profession of employee  with no further details. This person had no entry visa to Senegal.

NOTE. It is noted that the only pistol found was a Beretta 7.56 mm caliber. The clip which went with the gun was empty of any bullet.

This arm, fitted with a silencer, had no compatible ammunition. In the same briefcase, a packet of 25 bullets 9 mm was found. These bullets did not have a compatible arm either.

The other suitcases only contained ordinary clothing and toiletries. At the end of the searches their personal luggage was given back to them.

According to a Senegalese Police Colonel, the three men never changed their stories, despite numerous interviews.

Saber and Marzouk claimed that they came to Dakar at Niasse request and Niasse claimed he had set the Libyans up.

Box of 25 '9 mm' bullets

Box of 25 ‘9 mm’ bullets


A Beretta with no compatible ammunition.  This was obviously a “well-planned” operation… And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

US accuses Benin

The Air Afrique flight RK301 served the route Cotonou (Benin) – Lome – Abidjan – Ouagadougou – Niamey – Bamako – Dakar (Senegal).

The United States wasted no time to accuse the West African nation of Benin of allowing Libyan agents to use its territory to foment acts of terrorism.

”The United States has become increasingly alarmed that Benin is being used as a base for Libyan state-supported terrorism. We have urged the President to take positive action immediately.”  [State Department official]

Without naming its sources, the NYT reported that:

“The two Libyans, identified as Mohammed al-Marzuo and Mansur Umran Sabir, reportedly were driven to the airport in Cotonou in the official car of Mustafa Abu Setta, the head of the Libyan People’s Bureau or embassy in Benin, according to American intelligence reports.

Mr. Setta, who is believed to have extensive ties to terrorist networks in the region, was said to have been in the car at the time.”

U.S. Threats on Loans

“General Kerekou was also told that the United States might not be able to help support Benin in negotiations for World Bank loans unless the matter were resolved. “


BENIN: A growing base for Lybian subversion — CIA (November 4 1981)

BENIN: Turn towards moderation — CIA (November 1982)

U.S. Accuses Benin of Abetting Libyan Terrorism — NYT (May 20 1988)

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