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The Senegal Timer: Ahmed Khalifa NIASSE (2017)

“I think Gaddafi’s death was in a very honorable condition, fighting with his gun the foreigners attacking him from the sky in his country where he was born.” Ahmed Khalifa NIASSE We  know that two Libyan nationals (El saber and … Continue reading

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The Senegal Timer: Interview of Colonel Babacar Gaye (2017)

“The Americans knew all about this operation and were in Senegal. The CIA have seen all the items recovered from the three persons. They carried out their examinations of these items here in Senegal and took photographs of them. Those … Continue reading

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The Senegal Timer: Police Report (2017)

“This arm, fitted with a silencer, had no compatible ammunition. In the same briefcase, a packet of 25 bullets 9 mm was found. These bullets did not have a compatible arm either.” Police Report

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The Senegal Timer: Introduction (2017)

”At least on the intelligence level, the case has now been made for Libyan participation in the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103. The timing device that was incorporated in the bomb that brought down 103 was of Libyan origin.” … Continue reading

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Lockerbie: Was PT/35(b) Evidence Fabricated?

DP/10 is undoubtedly the smallest and most important piece of evidence Lockerbie experts have never heard of. On this shortest and saddest day, I have decided to re-post this analysis. It is my hope that serious investigators will follow this … Continue reading

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The Togo Timers: Preliminary Results of Our Investigation

“In our opinion, it is very likely that the Togo Timers were actually planted by a  US Intelligence Agency in order to feed false accusations to the media about “Libyan Terrorism” activities in the context of the 1986 Disinformation Campaign.” … Continue reading

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Boeing 747 — The End of an Era?

“Aviation investigations are replete with accident scenarios that couldn’t happen. And given the lack of bomb evidence so far, neither scenario has been ruled out, officials said. First is the possibility that the doomed plane’s front section, which has a … Continue reading

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