The Senegal Timer: Ahmed Khalifa NIASSE (2017)

“I think Gaddafi’s death was in a very honorable condition, fighting with his gun the foreigners attacking him from the sky in his country where he was born.”

Ahmed Khalifa NIASSE

Ahmed Khalifa Niasse with French President Nicolas Sarkozy

We  know that two Libyan nationals (El saber and El Marzouk) as well as a Senegalese person (Ahmed Khalifa Niasse) were arrested on 20 February 1988 at Dakar airport for attempting to smuggle weapons and explosives into the country.

According to Colonel Gaye,

“NIASSE, when interviewed, claimed that both MARZOUK and SABER were terrorists and that he had been asked to set them up. Niasse however refused to disclose his contact who had been acting on his behalf.” Continue reading

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