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Lockerbie: Was PT/35(b) Evidence Fabricated?

DP/10 is undoubtedly the smallest and most important piece of evidence Lockerbie experts have never heard of. On this shortest and saddest day, I have decided to re-post this analysis. It is my hope that serious investigators will follow this … Continue reading

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Soon after the tragedy of Pan Am 103 on December 21st 1988, the investigators suspected that a Syrian-based terrorist group (the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command) was responsible. It was assumed by some (known by … Continue reading

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The chronology of PT/35(b): 02/03/1992 (Update)

2 March 1992 (Linsdel/Rawlings/Walker – see also 9 March 1990) According to their HOLMES statements, by prior arrangement McAdam and Buwert attended Morton International, Dynachem Division, Warrington and spoke to Robert Linsdell, who was asked to cause Steven Rawlings to … Continue reading

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DP/10: Lockerbie Witness Robert Lomer

Here is the evidence from Robert Lomer at the Lockerbie trial. Again, what is going on here? Lost in translation? 5            MR. TURNBULL:  Witness number 576, My Lords, 6  Robert Lomer. 7            THE MACER:  Robert Lomer, My Lords. 8                 WITNESS: … Continue reading

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PT/35(b): Analysis of the resin at Ciba

The watermark “S I B” visible ( Well, at least visible to anyone except to the experts of the CIA and the FBI as explained in: The THURING Board Watermark: FBI Analysis ) on the main board of the MEBO MST-13 timers seems to … Continue reading

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PT/35(b) TIMELINE – PART VI. Dundee University Examination

Dundee University examination The HOLMES statements of Sutton (S27651) and Stryjewski (S1138BL) record the movements of PT/35(b) and DP/31 to Dundee Uni on 1 March 2000 and again on 9 March 2000. There are no statements of the individuals involved … Continue reading

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PT/35(b) TIMELINE – PART VI. NI Defence Experts’ Examination

NI defence experts’ examination The report by the defence forensic experts was lodged as applicant’s production 21 (and also co-accused’s production 26). It is dated 20 April 2000. It states that it is not entirely surprising to find only one … Continue reading

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