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The Senegal Timer, Ahmed Khalifa Niasse & Facebook

This is a  bit puzzling… The Facebook page of Ahmed Khalifa Niasse actually includes the PT35(b) post about his role in the arrest of the two Libyan at Dakar Airport in February 1988. That event was crucial as it allows … Continue reading

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The Senegal Timer: CIA Kenneth Steiner

“Later in that day I met with Collin at his office and he provided me with information set forth in cable 50260.” CIA Kenneth Steiner Here is the precognition of CIA Kenneth Steiner recorded on 15/09/1999. I believe that some … Continue reading

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President Diouf: “I Have Nothing to Add to What I Wrote.”

“There is no doubt in the minds of the investigating officers that the witness Jean Collin has much more information on this matter but chooses not to disclose it. In the course of his interview he stated angrily that he … Continue reading

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CIA & Ahmed Khalifa Niasse

“Casey, Twetten and Cave recognized that the information need not to be accurate. A mix of factual and bogus information can be provided which will satisfy their concerns about ‘good faith’. Oliver North: Memo to Poindexter” (1) CIA Kenneth Steiner … Continue reading

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The Senegal Timer: Fate of the Arms and Explosives Seized

I inform you hereby that your proposal [to destroy the material seized] has been approved by the President of the Republic. Secretary General Jean Collin 17/01/1989 On 31 December 1988, the Senegalese Police (Gendarmerie) requested the authorization to destroy the explosives … Continue reading

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