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The Togo Timers: Preliminary Results of Our Investigation

“In our opinion, it is very likely that the Togo Timers were actually planted by a  US Intelligence Agency in order to feed false accusations to the media about “Libyan Terrorism” activities in the context of the 1986 Disinformation Campaign.” … Continue reading

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Soon after the tragedy of Pan Am 103 on December 21st 1988, the investigators suspected that a Syrian-based terrorist group (the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command) was responsible. It was assumed by some (known by … Continue reading

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” I believe that the letter subjected to PII certificate by the UK Foreign Office is from Jordan and includes a reference to PT35b (MST13 Timer). In addition, I believe that the letter was from the King of Jordan and … Continue reading

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LOCKERBIE SECRET DOC – Let us get started

“In the Commission’s view the Crown’s decision not to disclose one of the documents to the defence indicates that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred in applicant’s case. In reaching this decision the Commission has taken into account paragraphs … Continue reading

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Leaking the “Poindexter MEMO”: Elaine Morton

“Elaine, I have profound disagreements with the substance of your position… We have established, I think, that pressure against Gaddafi does indeed work and can serve to condition/moderate his behavior.” CIA Vincent Cannistraro Dr Elaine Morton has been suspected of … Continue reading

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Edwin Bollier, Hissene Habre & Said Rashid

According to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Said Rashid led a Libyan team to Togo in October 1980. His mission was to assassinate Hissene Habre. Se non è vero, è ben trovato This statement is truly extraordinary. In just one sentence, you will … Continue reading

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The Senegal Timer: Libya and Senegal Diplomatic Ties [Update]

The New York Times actually mentioned once the “Dakar Incident” in an article without headline published on 6 November 1988. Senegal’s Government decided today [05/11/1988] to restore diplomatic relations with Libya, giving Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi his latest foreign policy success … Continue reading

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