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The Senegal Timer: Interview of Colonel Babacar Gaye (2017)

“The Americans knew all about this operation and were in Senegal. The CIA have seen all the items recovered from the three persons. They carried out their examinations of these items here in Senegal and took photographs of them. Those … Continue reading

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The Togo Timers: Preliminary Results of Our Investigation

“In our opinion, it is very likely that the Togo Timers were actually planted by a  US Intelligence Agency in order to feed false accusations to the media about “Libyan Terrorism” activities in the context of the 1986 Disinformation Campaign.” … Continue reading

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The Legend of The Iranian Payment – UPDATE

I asked de Villiers about his next novel, and his eyes lighted up. “It goes back to an old story,” he said. “Lockerbie.” The book is based on the premise that it was Iran — not Libya — that carried … Continue reading

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Soon after the tragedy of Pan Am 103 on December 21st 1988, the investigators suspected that a Syrian-based terrorist group (the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command) was responsible. It was assumed by some (known by … Continue reading

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Frank Taylor: From Flight 870 to Pan Am 103

“Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.” Nietzche On 23 December 1988, the New York Times published a piece regarding PA 103. One can read: “Frank Taylor, an aviation safety consultant and former investigator for the U.S. National … Continue reading

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The Lockerbie Solution: “Festina lente”

Today, in his excellent blog (The Lockerbiecase), Pr. Black reminds us that on this date in 1992, the New York Times published an interesting story:  U.S. and Allies to Seek U.N. Support Against Libya. I regard the following part of … Continue reading

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Dec 25 1988 – Tom Thurman & Rick Hahn

You must recognize his genius. He is a super hero! Or – maybe – not… The following is a short extract from Thurman’s precognition. On 25 December 1988, we established where the piece of metal had been located. It was apparently … Continue reading

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