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Response to “Lockerbie: The Metamorphosis”

George Thomson writes: Armed with the intelligence on the PFLP-GC s activities in Neuss in October and the FAA Warning, the Scottish Investigators on the ground, assisted by their American friends, were in no doubt that they were looking for … Continue reading

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Weird CIA CABLE – 17 OCT 1989

– – Perhaps, someone can explain this cable to me.  This CIA cable is dated 17 OCT 89. When I pointed out this cable to FBI Richard Marquise, he simply could not believe that this doc was genuine. I sure … Continue reading

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Question: Do  you remember going to the airport shortly after Mr. Fhimah got his new car and seeing the new car and Mr. Baset and Mr. Masoud there? [on 20/12/1988] Answer:  Uh-huh. Majid Giaka’s evidence at the Grand Jury in … Continue reading

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PT/35(b): A US $ 2.7 Billion Forgery

In March  1992, Dr Johnson published a devastating report ( DJR 218 ) that totally destroyed the case against Megrahi and indeed Libya. Dr Johnson did a very carefull analysis of the surface of PT/35(b) and a control sample of … Continue reading

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Flashback: Veil of Secrecy over Lockerbie (22 May 2008)

Professor Black reminds us on The Lockerbie Case that on this day seven years ago, we learned from the Herald that the Lockerbie “Prosecutors will next week attempt to throw an unprecedented veil of secrecy over the appeal of the Lockerbie … Continue reading

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