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The Senegal Timer, Ahmed Khalifa Niasse & Facebook

This is a  bit puzzling… The Facebook page of Ahmed Khalifa Niasse actually includes the PT35(b) post about his role in the arrest of the two Libyan at Dakar Airport in February 1988. That event was crucial as it allows … Continue reading

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” I believe that the letter subjected to PII certificate by the UK Foreign Office is from Jordan and includes a reference to PT35b (MST13 Timer). In addition, I believe that the letter was from the King of Jordan and … Continue reading

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LOCKERBIE SECRET DOC – Let us get started

“In the Commission’s view the Crown’s decision not to disclose one of the documents to the defence indicates that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred in applicant’s case. In reaching this decision the Commission has taken into account paragraphs … Continue reading

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BENIN: Twice the Intermediate “Source” of the African MST-13 Timers?

It would appear that the US linked both the Togo and Senegal incidents to Benin… Here is a piece that appeared in the LA Times on August 12 1986: Togo Says It Foiled Plot on U.S. Embassy The Togolese government … Continue reading

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The SENEGAL Timer: US National Intelligence Daily – 23/10/1985

The following document (US National Intelligence Daily – 23/10/1985) may help to read the “Senegal Chapter” of the Lockerbie Affair. Thus, the reader may want to go back to an old post: The Senegal Timer: Pr. Francis A. Boyle’s Theory … Continue reading

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That is the reason for the title of my book–EVIDENCE and the Lockerbie Investigation–the publisher wanted to call it “Intelligence and the Lockerbie Investigation”, but I insisted. FBI R. Marquise. Email to the author dated 08/02/2008 The readers of this blog … Continue reading

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The Chronology of PT/35(b): 4-12 July 1990

Around 4-12 July 1990 FBI agents Marshman and Bolcar were in Senegal to enquire about the MST timer that had been recovered there in February 1988.  

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