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The Togo Timers: Preliminary Results of Our Investigation

“In our opinion, it is very likely that the Togo Timers were actually planted by a  US Intelligence Agency in order to feed false accusations to the media about “Libyan Terrorism” activities in the context of the 1986 Disinformation Campaign.” … Continue reading

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BENIN: Twice the Intermediate “Source” of the African MST-13 Timers?

It would appear that the US linked both the Togo and Senegal incidents to Benin… Here is a piece that appeared in the LA Times on August 12 1986: Togo Says It Foiled Plot on U.S. Embassy The Togolese government … Continue reading

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Edwin Bollier, Hissene Habre & Said Rashid

According to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Said Rashid led a Libyan team to Togo in October 1980. His mission was to assassinate Hissene Habre. Se non è vero, è ben trovato This statement is truly extraordinary. In just one sentence, you will … Continue reading

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The Long Road to MEBO: From the BATF to the CIA to the FBI

We already know that Thurman’s testimony at the US Grand Jury is clearly inaccurate. (See: FBI Thomas Thurman Is Telling WHOPPERS ). According to the FD-302 of Tom Thurman that is provided with the police report, he received K1 from Richard Sherrow … Continue reading

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The Chronology of PT/35(b): 5 March 1991

5 March 1991 McManus (S3070DQ) and SIO Henderson (S47101) seized DP/84 (the Togo timer) from Thurman at Crown Office, Edinburgh. COMMENT What is this LED for? Compare it with the LED on the Senegal Timer. And later, we will compare … Continue reading

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Lockerbie and the CIA Mysteries – The K1 REPORT

In a recent post ( LOCKERBIE: A SPOOK, THE NYMPHS AND A DWARF ), I told you that during a meeting at the CIA on JUNE 15 1990, CIA John Orkin* [Real Name: Jack Christie] told Tom Thurman who had manufactured the MST-13 … Continue reading

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THE LONG ROAD TO MEBO – FAX dated 28/08/1990

In a recent post (LOCKERBIE: THE LONG ROAD TO MEBO ), I explained that: “Despite all the good scientific research and the enormous  efforts of the Lockerbie investigators, no EVIDENCE ever led to MEBO. It is INTELLIGENCE that “solved” the case.” … Continue reading

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