Ashton John

“Mr Marquise does not mention the fact that the Scottish police knew from as early as March 1990, well before the fragment was linked to Mebo, that its pure tin coating was very unusual. In 1992 they commissioned tests that proved that the control sample Thuring board had a tin-lead coating, which begs the question: why did the Crown persist in running a case that was predicated on the claim that PT/35b originated from one of the 20 Libyan timers?”


John Ashton is a writer, researcher and TV producer. He has studied the Lockerbie case for more than 20 years and from 2006 to 2009 was a researcher with Megrahi’s legal team. He is the co-author of What Everyone in Britain Should Know about Crime and Punishment (with David Wilson), Blackstone Press 1998, What Everyone in Britain Should Know about the Police (with David Wilson and Douglas Sharp), Blackstone Press 2001, and Cover-up of Convenience: The hidden scandal of Lockerbie (with Ian Ferguson), Mainstream 2001.


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