PT/35(b) is a small fragment of a circuit timer that was allegedly foung among the debris of Pan Am 103 near the town of Lockerbie.

The Lockerbie investigators concluded early in the investigation that this fragment was part of the mechanism that triggered a bomb aboard Pan Am 103.



This fragment was eventually matched to a timer (MST-13) discovered among the weapons and material seized from rebels after an attempted coup in Togo on 23rd September 1986.

The identification was made in the mid of 1990 by FBI Thomas Thurman, with some help from the CIA.

This MST-13 had been manufactured by the Swiss company MEBO and supplied solely to Libya.

Main board of the MST13

Main board of the MST13

The match between PT/35(b) and the main board of the MST-13 timer looks obviously excellent. Perfect indeed.

But looks can be deceiving. An analysis of the circuit tracks of PT/35(b) reveals that they are covered with pure tin while the tracks of the board of the MST-13 timers are covered with a mix of tin and lead.

Obviously, someone with serious ressource and intelligence has produced a good but flawed forgery of the Swiss MST-13 timer. Who, when, where and why? This is what this blog is all about.


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