Lumpert Statements

On 23 May 1991, in Zurich, Lumpert was questioned by Swiss Inspector Fluckiger in the presence of Scottish Police officers PC Buwert and DI W. Williamson as well as FBI agent Edward Marshman.

Lumpert is shown ten photos from the DP 124 file. His answers are reproduced under each picture.

Photo 1 - DP 124

Photo 1 – DP 124

Photo 1 is one of our timers although I do not recognize the black electric cable. (Please, look at the bottom of this page for a picture of a “Control Sample” built by Lumpert.)


PHOTO 2 – DP 124


Photo 2 is the rear side of a MST-13 timer assembled by me.


PHOTO 3 - DP 124

PHOTO 3 – DP 124

Photo 3 is a MST-13 the circuit board without the time switch.


PHOTO 4 - DP 124

PHOTO 4 – DP 124

Photo 4 is a MST-13 timer with a 2 position timing switch. I guess that Bollier did the soldering. This is a pre-series timer because the condenser has been soldered diagonally and the soldering points near the switches of the power cable have not been covered with a plastic protective sheet

On the other hand I can verity that the circuit board has been coated with a protective lacquer which points to a later development of circuit board. Bollier often visits me in the laboratory and helps with simple technical work and I remember that in about the summer of 1985 he soldered a battery and cable onto an MST-13 timer.


PHOTO 5 - DP 124

PHOTO 5 – DP 124


Photo 5 I recognize one of our timers.

 Photo 6 - DP124

Photo 6 – DP124

Photo 6 This is one of our secondary circuit boards.


 Photo 7 - DP 124

Photo 7 – DP 124

Photo 7 This is an oscillator with the resistors which were added later. It must be one of the pre-series timers.


Photo 8 - DP 124

Photo 8 – DP 124

Photo 8 an oscillator crystal.


Photo 9 - DP 124

Photo 9 – DP 124

Photo 9-MST 13 timer built into housing


Photo 10 - DP 124

Photo 10 – DP 124

Photo 10 a housing with the loud-speaker clips put on by me and the light diode that fits the MST-13.


Additional statements

“Now that I have seen DP 123 invoice, I see that only 12 boxes were ordered and delivered in 1985 and I conclude that only 10 housed versions were produced because two further housings went with the sample delivery in 1990.” Lumpert

“It is correct that only five or six timers with 4 positions switch were made and they were pre-series ones. The pre-series timers had protective lacquer only on one side.” Lumpert


Here is a “control sample” built by Lumpert for the Police.

Control Sample: DP/100

Control Sample: DP/100

To be continued

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