Internal MEMO – 15/07/1991

“On Wednesday 10 July, Mr Feraday produced a copy of ‘SP LAB REPORT’ number
85SP002 (mentioned in last memorandum dated 8 July 1991); he had obtained it
from Mr R Seaney, Head of EC1 Division. Mr Feraday said that Mr Seaney was
unable to find the similar source document number 88SP006.

However some fifteen minutes later , Mr Seaney asked Mr Feraday to call at his office and on his return Mr Feraday was in possession of an original copy document of 88SP006. It
should be noted that this item bears the ‘Copy No. 257’ which does not correspond with the photocopy document mentioned in my previous memorandum (Copy No. 191). It would appear from Mr Feraday’s intonation that these documents are held by Mr Seaney and his departmental electronics engineer, Mr Jim Finlay (phonetic) has access to them.

Mr Feraday states that whilst researching PT/35 ‘in the early days’, he had asked Mr Finlay if he had any knowledge of timers/PCB of ‘green variety’. This was answered in the negative. Mr Feraday feels that had these documents been available to him at this time it would have been possible to identify PT/35 and it’s obvious source some 14/15 months ago.

Examination of the 88SP006 document shows beyond doubt that the timer
illustrated therein is one and the same as the item now referred to as ‘K1’. A
memorandum from Major PC Maynard, for Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff
Operational Requirements (Land Systems), Ministry of Defence, Room 3142 and
dated 10.01.1986, shows that document 85SP002 was forwarded to Mr Seaney, RARDE,
Dr Whittlestone, RSRE (Army Electronics) and to GCHQ presumably on or about this

Here is the fulll document.