MI5 FAX 29/08/90

Things are about to get interesting… Here is another MI5 FAX dated 29/08/1990 :


“The NYMPH crystal used in the Senegal timer was first marketed in June 1986 and this timer, as you know, was recovered in September 1986.”

There is an obvious mistake. The author has clearly confused – as the Zeist Judges will – the Togo timers and the Senegal timer. (The latter one appeared in February 1988 and disappeared in mysterious circumstances. According to the CIA, it was never examined and no pictures of its electronics were ever taken.)

NOW. Please focus on the date “June 1986”. Where does this date come from? And what does it imply considering that, according to the official story, the timers were built in 1985 and the NYMPH quartz were bought in August and November 1985?