Historical Context

Two MST-13 timers are allegedly seized from rebels in an attempted coup against the government of Togo.

The event occurred in September 1986.

The French and the US are at war with Chad against Libya. French bombing in Feb 1986.

The Brits are seriously annoyed by the supply of SEMTEX to PIRA.

The White House is bitterly disappointed that the April bombing of Tripoli has not had the expected consequence: Gaddafi is still in power.

The US has made the decision to play nice with Iran (Iran-Contra scandal) and tough with Libya. THE FULLER MEMORANDUM – MAY 1985

The White House has launched a full scale campaign of disinformation in August 1986 (revealed in October 1986) THE POINDEXTER MEMORADUM

There is an allegation that Libyan terrorists attempted to bomb the US Embassy in Togo in July 1986. TARGETING OF AMERICAN EMBASSY IN TOGO

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