Marquise Richard

Born 1947 North Carolina, USA.

Joined the FBI in 1971. Retired 2002

FBI Special Agent. Head of the FBI investigation into the Lockerbie bombing.

Author of Scotbomb: Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation (2006).

FBI Richard Marquise

FBI Richard Marquise

Although retired, Mr Marquise continues to provide interviews and comments on the Lockerbie case, in which he insists that the guilty verdict on Megrahi was correct while admitting that the case against him was entirely circumstantial.

In April 2014 Mr Marquise wrote a long article in the Scottish Review criticising in some detail the recent series of three Al Jazeera documentaries about the Lockerbie case.

Quote: “If I thought someone framed someone, manipulated evidence or fabricated evidence, I would’ve been the first guy jumping up and down. We know the evidence. We know how it was collected. We know how it was identified. We know the witnesses.”

The website of Syracuse University states that:

Richard A. Marquise is an expert in counter terrorism and crisis management. His 31-year career with the FBI included the roll of Special Agent in Charge of the Oklahoma City Division of the FBI 1999-2002, and Chief of the Terrorist Research and Analytical Center (TRAC) at FBI Headquarters in the late 1980s. Mr. Marquise was involved in the investigation of the Pan Am 103 bombing from its inception and led the inquiry through the return of indictments in 1991; he played an active role in the trial. He was given the Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service following the resolution of the trial in 2001. Mr. Marquis was a Senior Research Associate with the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR). He has given hundreds of speeches around the world on terrorism, and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows. He holds a Masters degree from George Washington University and has been a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Terrorism Committee and the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI.


FBI Richard Marquise: “No PT/35(b), No Case.”

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