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Lockerbie: Was PT/35(b) Evidence Fabricated?

DP/10 is undoubtedly the smallest and most important piece of evidence Lockerbie experts have never heard of. On this shortest and saddest day, I have decided to re-post this analysis. It is my hope that serious investigators will follow this … Continue reading

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Timeline 1986: “Libyan Terrorism” Disinformation Op

Greetings! I have moved the Timeline 1986 about the infamous US “Libyan Terrorism” Disinformation Op in the “Our Investigation” part of PT35B. I have added a couple of events. The first one is the US State Department report on Libya … Continue reading

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MST-13 Delivery to Libya. 2nd UPDATE. VISA Issues

When Hinshiri was asked if he could further clarify when – exactly – the timers were delivered and he suggested 1985; “possibly the end of 1985 or the beginning of 1986.” (See HINSHIRI: Minutes of Formal Hearing (30/10/1999) ) Here is thus … Continue reading

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The Chronology of PT/35(b): 14 May 1990

14 May 1990 The first two documents are BKA reports. One, dated 14 May 1990 and authored by a BKA officer, KOK Tepp, refers to certain investigations conducted in Germany regarding the circuit board fragment. It then refers to information … Continue reading

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“I cannot confirm that the traffic you cite came from agency computers. CIA Spokesperson (15/08/2007) On this day eight years ago, OMNI (OhmyNewsInternational) published a piece regarding suspicious edits made to certain articles on Wikipedia. As I was researching a … Continue reading

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The Chronology of PT/35(b): 20-23 February 1990

20-23 February 1990 A liaison meeting took place between British and French during which the French scientist Claude Calisti was shown PT/35(b) but could offer no assistance or suggestions. See document D8924 in appendix of protectively marked materials. According to … Continue reading

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The Chronology of PT/35(b): 15 February 1990

15 February 1990 Removal of 3rd sample – DP/10 (Crown label n° 416) – sample of copper conducting track – copper test By previous appointment Williamson and Harrower visited Yates Circuit Foils, Silloth, Cumbria, and met Michael Whitehead (S5587), chemical … Continue reading

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