Delivery to Libya

The Commission notes that no documentary evidence was led at trial that
directly vouched Mr Bollier’s evidence about the supply of MST-13 timers to Libya
(although Mr Meister understood that Mr Bollier had personally delivered these in
1985: 22/3741). Accordingly, it seems that the court was prepared to accept Mr
Bollier’s evidence on this issue on the basis that it had not been challenged and
appeared to have been accepted by the defence. Although the Commission recognises
that any assessment of the reasonableness of the verdict must proceed purely on the
evidence before the trial court (King; Campbell v HMA 1998 SCCR 214), the account
given to the defence by Hinshiri is of assistance in understanding why no such
challenge was made. In his defence precognition (see appendix) Hinshiri confirmed
that he had ordered a quantity of MST-13 timers and that these had subsequently been
delivered to him. A similar account was given by him when questioned by the
Scottish police in Libya on 30 October 1999 (see appendix). [SCCRC REPORT 20.29]

Richard Marquise gives a good description [1] of the supply of the 20 MST-13 timers to Libya.

 In August 1985, Said Fazani*, a high ranking official of the Libyan Jamahiriya Security Organization (JSO),  asked Bollier to design and build a small electronic timer for use by the military intheir war with Chad.

A total of twenty were built by Lumpert, ten for use in a waterproof container (boxed) and ten which were free standing (unboxed).

The first five were delivered by Bollier to Fazani* in Libya  in the late fall of 1985.

The second five were delivered by Bollier to an individual at the Libyan people’s Bureau in East Berlin around November 1985.

The last ten were delivered Hijazi*, a high ranking Intelligence officer, in tripoli [in late 1985].

Said Fazani* and Hijazi* are Said Rashid and Ezzedin El Hinshiri.

Based on varoius interviews, the “Fuhl Report” has come to the following conclusions:

  • The first five MST-13 timers have a circuit board with “solder mask” on one side only and were built into boxes.
  • The second five MST-13 timers have a circuit board with “solder mask” on both side  and were built without boxes.
  • The last ten MST-13 timers have a circuit board with “solder mask” on both side and were built into boxes.


[1]SCOTBOM, Richard Marquise. Page 69

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