President Diouf Statement

Speaking about the arrest of the two Libyan citizens in Dakar on February 20 1988, President Diouf writes (Page 293):

Ces derniers avaient été piégés par Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, qui les avait d’abord conduits au Bénin, avant de les amener au Sénégal, en prenant soin de nous prévenir.

President Diouf could not be any clearer than that. Their arrest was a sting operation. But what was its purpose? Arresting the two Libyans was certainly not the goal in itself. They were released without trial and returned to Libya.


1. Mémoires, Abdou Diouf. Editions Seuil 2014

2. “They had been trapped by Ahmed Khalifa Niasse, who first led them to Benin, before taking them to Senegal, while keeping us informed at all times.”

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