The THURING Board Watermark: FBI Analysis

The FBI report on the Togo timer does not mention the watermark on the main board of the timer. This is not surprising as the report signed by Thurman is almost a copy of the CIA report. (Here is  this undated FBI report. I think that it must have been written between 26 September and 11 December 1990.)


THE SIB logo seen through the front face of the board


However, a FBI document dated 20 August 1990 mentions the following:

“Special photography techniques were utilized on specimen K-1 to identify the number/letter “21B” which is contained within the figure of an oval. The number/letter appears in the upper left quadrant of the circuit board, within the lamination and not on the surface of the board. This identification was added during the manufacturing process, and may offer a code to identify the source of this board. It should be noted, however, that the company which applied the actual  printed circuit, may not be the company which manufactured the green circuit board.”

One may perhaps honestly confuse “MEBO” for “M580” or “MEBQ”. But why would anyone misread “SIB” for “21B” when the “B” is asymmetrical is puzzling to say the least…

But let us not get distracted and let us keep on going with the main goal: Can we date the earliest possible time of PT/35(b)  fabrication?

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6 Responses to The THURING Board Watermark: FBI Analysis

  1. PaulF says:

    The most cursory look at yesterday’s posting which shows the watermark in its true aspect shows the marks to be SIB. There is no way on earth it could be 21B when viewed correctly. The K1 timer was taken to pieces, analysed under microscope, its components tested, its circuits deconstructed in ideal lab conditions under optimal light conditions by the FBI and yet we are supposed to believe that the watermark when correctly viewed could look like 21B. This looks to me very like an attempt to mislead. A simple search of trade catalogues would give you SIB’s manufacturer in a couple of hours.
    It appears that the image above is viewed via high-powered light and shows the watermark on the underside of the PCB. Even so, it is clear that the B is upside down as the smaller of the two loops on the B is on the lower/bottom of the watermark. Turn it up the right way and you can’t escape that it’s SIB and eminently traceable.


  2. Scott says:

    It’s implausible that experts from CIA/FBI didn’t notice it said something different to “21B” when turned around. At the very least the reports should state it’s either “21B” or “SIB”. This is undoubtedly an attempt to mislead.


  3. Craig says:

    I’m not sure the content of the undated FBI report is of information originated in 1990, particularly with regard to the notes headed “Rough Draft Insert Laboratory Number 00620050”
    Accepted there is a schematic drawing dated 26th September 1990 which looks exact same as noted within CIA report.
    In my view, it appears there is a copy and paste theme present within all the notes.

    Background Info –,d.c2E

    The Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986 was signed and approved 27th August 1986. In fiscal year 1986, $2.4 billion appropriations were approved for various matters. Included within the bill;
    Section 401(C) “For Counter-terrorism Research and Development” – $15.0 Million.
    Section 401(D) “Antiterrorism Assistance amended from $9.8 to $14.6 for fiscal year 1987.
    There was a budget previously available from Foreign Assistance Act for 1986]

    Just a month later in September 1986, a US team of 3+1 visited Togo to investigate matters such as an attempted coup and/or attack of the US Embassy in Lome, Togo.
    Due to the very, very recent August 1986 Act, the team appears to be led by James Casey of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security.
    James Casey – Bureau of Diplomatic Security
    Richard Sherrow – BATF
    Edward Owen – BATF
    A N Other – CIA

    There are notes and comments that during the 1980’s CIA were of course involved in disinformation operations, worldwide material and weapons supply etc, also suggestions CIA may have been involved with introducing materials apparently on the basis that other US Agencies or Organisations initially dealt with same to provide plausible denial scenarios as to material or information introduction.

    If anyone is interested in US Policy during the 1980’s and onwards, please look through the Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Antiterrorism Act of 1986
    It is truly a fantastic and amazing piece of legislation noting, extraordinary rendition, security forces and paramilitary assistance, a waiver of the president to send arms to any region, USAID funding under the act as the Peace Corps. Israel boundaries as they existed before 1st June, 1967. Volunteers or interns to be paid for working in the Soviet Union or Eastern Europe.
    At Section 1308 – The Policy on Afghanistan alone is well worth a read through.
    Sub-section 9a – “The appropriate provision of material support”. This is the infamous Charlie Wilson’s war being put into legislation.
    At 25th June 1990 Sherrow was contacted for interview. The full interview could not have happened on this date as the last paragraph of page 5 of the notes Sherrow HAS contacted Cliff Lund with regard to the file, photos and reports of the assignment.
    One can reasonably conclude an initial contact of 25th June 1990 and subsequent interview with relevant information at hand. Unless Sherrow has a photographic memory and can recall every single item from the trip.
    THE FD-302 is dated 24/8/1990

    At page 4 through page 5 of the FD-302, apparently Sherrow notes both batteries were in place and considerably drained of power.
    There are some fairly obvious questions about this, how did Sherrow know this ?
    Is there some way to tell on the timer if the battery is considerably drained of power ?
    Can the timer function at below a certain power supply point ?
    He doesn’t say the battery was dead or kaput but just considerably drained of power.
    Of course, the subsequent CIA report notes “(no components are connected!)”
    How can a timer with nothing connected exhibit battery problems ?

    Page 5 – Subsequently Sherrow returned to BAFT HQ with one of the ‘circuit boards’ obtained fresh batteries and was able to operate the ‘circuit board’ which he found to be ‘highly accurate’.
    Comment – There is no way Sherrow stated ‘circuit board’, one could actually begin to wonder if Sherrow FD-302 is a competent note of the actual interview.

    Anyways, keep that to one side for the moment and on we go.
    Richard Sherrow Trial Transcript – Page 4 of 15 of this PDF;

    Q And what did you do with it when you returned to the United States?
    A I examined it at the headquarters of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, ***performed bench tests, functioning tests.***
    Q Did you photograph it at the headquarters?
    A Yes, I did.

    Q And having performed these tests and photographed it, what did you then do with it?
    A I was requested to take it to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia,

    ***and give a briefing on what I found.***

    Q And did you do that?
    A Yes.

    Q Did you return to your own headquarters after that briefing?
    A I did, yes.
    Q And did you take the timer back with you?
    A No, I didn’t. That was released to their custody.

    So, what have we established from Sherrows’ information till now ?
    A battery was apparently severely depleted but how could that be ascertained.
    New batteries and/or bench tests and functionality tests were completed and the timer was found to be highly accurate. Photographs were taken, not only was there a full report completed but also Sherrow completed a presentation / briefing of the timer at CIA HQ at their request.

    It is fair and reasonable to conclude Sherrow has taken this item apart, studied it, tested it for functionality, researched it, photographed it, prepared and presented a report on it, provided a presentation / briefing to others on this item.

    Sherrow even kept numerous photographs of this item in his personal collection…….ask yourself why ?

    Anyways, on we go.
    CIA Report – 88SP006

    What does this report tell us ?

    Page 2 – Figure 3
    Why am I looking at a photo of the same battery that Sherrow described as being depleted on-site Togo but the battery was changed at BATF HQ or removed to complete bench tests of the timer which was noted as ‘highly accurate’.

    Why do I now see a photograph of the same battery which Sherrow report noted wires are directly soldered to the battery.
    I thought Sherrow sorted that out with his take down of the timer.

    Page 2 – Why does the CIA report ’88SP006′ note “Control switches are on the front panel. Each label is etched copper, identical to a circuit trace (except no components are connected!)”
    Note the comment with regard to NO COMPONENTS CONNECTED and the exclamation mark (!)

    This is starting to get very confusing, Sherrow took the thing apart, changed the battery and completed bench tests, functionality reports and briefings etc
    However, the CIA report is claiming almost near damn it the same things that Sherrow noted in his initial findings.
    The same J type battery which was dead on arrival with Sherrow is now dead on arrival at CIA. Also, it now appears no components are connected but I thought Sherrow had the timer running tickety boo.

    I mean, there is no way CIA Special Projects would present a report “88SP006” on someone else’s findings, is there ?
    Could that happen ?
    Is there more than one copy and paste professional present in this whole saga ?

    Anyways, on we go.
    Tom Thurman FBI Report dated 20/8/1990
    [keep in mind Sherrow FD-302 is dated 24/8/1990]

    Well, it’s fairly obvious what this report is gonna say.
    Yep you guessed it a J type battery directly soldered to wires was dead on arrival, exactly the same as CIA report, in most parts word for word the exact copy and paste of same.

    The problem now appears that not only is the FBI report a copy and paste of the CIA report but the CIA is also a copy and paste from Sherrow report.
    This report does date the NYMPH crystal due to the grey plastic covering, dated from June 1986 to recovery September 1986.
    If the manufacturing began June 1986 in the USA, allow at least a month for manufacturing, that’s into July. Allow at least 2-3 weeks for distribution, that’s early August.
    Hmmm, recovery in September 1986 ?
    It’s almost like it has been made in the USA really quickly with new budgets, almost unlimited monies available for counter terrorism and research !
    That must be the quickest procurement of a piece of evidence in any case.

    Anyways, on we go

    Scottish police memorandum dated 15th July 1991.
    Apparently collective amnesia broke out at RARDE with regard to CIA reports about timers and other items.
    Particularly both reports 85SP002 and 88SP006, indeed 88SP006 was sent twice, first time as a photocopy No:191 but also as original copy No: 257
    Almost as if someone at RARDE requested a full colour copy to be sent unless CIA records office just send out reports at random.

    Anyways, on we go

    The FBI provided 88SP006 to the BKA is noted as copy No: 246.
    It is difficult to actually date a report copy number but it may be dated with regard to the RARDE received copy number reports.

    Ref: – “Rough Draft Insert Laboratory Number 00620050”
    It should be noted that the vast majority of the information provided within this ‘Rough Draft Insert’ is provided after the FBI report 20/8/1990 has been lodged which is also after Sherrow FD-302 is recorded and apparently filed, 24/8/1990

    PDF Page 4 or in the right hand corner of the page ref: 000023
    2nd last paragraph from the end of the page.

    “The thumbwheel assembly circuit board HAD etched copper labels which have been removed.
    The labels appear to be “M580” or “MEBO” and a three digit number.”

    Lads and lassies, ask yourself who actually noted that information and when ?
    To accept the official line, both ATF and CIA must be the most incompetent, hapless investigators there has ever been.

    OR was the information noted at initial investigation and then completely omitted from the CIA 88SP006 report ?
    Only for Tom Thurman to dodge sending a FBI report carrying his name to BKA but forward somebody else’s reported information, like Sherrow’s initial report and findings ?

    It’s almost as if Sherrow did a real professional take down of the timer, knew it was a ringer from the get-go, went way beyond what anyone was expecting which caused a significant period of time to elapse to hand over back to the manufacturers.

    It’s as clear as day, information and evidence have been manipulated at every turn in this case.
    Everyone knows it but only the Scottish Crown Office refuses to accept this.

    As every day passes the Crown Office looks more and more isolated with regard to this matter.
    Nobody believes them at all, the Office of the Crown has become a disparate comical figure and it’s only going to get worse.


  4. Allan says:

    PT35B is made up of American glass cloth 7628 manufactured by the Hexel of Texas the tin soldier is made in Taiwan for radio shack and sold only in America


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