Today, Jim Swire and Peter Biddulph posted a story about Julian Assange and the assassination of Al-Megrahi.

I take this opportunity to point out that Mr. Burton gives a very different account of the discovery of one MST-13 in Togo.

After a run-in with some Libyans, Casey recovered a complete MST-13 timer. This was a very sophisticated timer complete with its own printed circuit board. Jim (Casey) saw it and thought it looked out of place with the other run-of-the-mill Dark World gear the LSO types were carrying. He palmed it, brought it back to Washington and sent it to the FBI for analysis. [1]

This account of the event is definitely not nearly similar to the one given by BATF Richard Sherrow. [2]


[1] GHOST Confessions of a Counter Terrorism Agent (P221) Fred Burton


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