” I believe that the letter subjected to PII certificate by the UK Foreign Office is from Jordan and includes a reference to PT35b (MST13 Timer).

In addition, I believe that the letter was from the King of Jordan and sent to Prime Minister (now Sir) John Major.”

Dr Jim Swire (Email to this writer; May 31st 2016)

I fully agree with Dr Swire that the SECRET DOC was indeed sent by the “King of Jordan” to Prime Minister John Major .

Indeed, we know from the SCCRC that the two secret document came from one country. And Mac Askill writes that the letter (under PII) was sent by the King of Jordan to John Major.

In June 2012, Lucy Adams had already identify Jordan as the country of origin of this document.

Finally, I have already explained that the SCCRC findings clearly suggest the content of this letter. (see below).

The reasoning of the SCCRC suggests  that the “SECRET DOC” points to the PFLP-GC having received – one way or another – at least one MST-13 timer. (Whether true or not. That is another story.)

One thing remains unclear: the year. At Megrahi’s second appeal it was revealed that the UK government had seen the letter in September 1996.

Here is the Guardian piece (Judges back Lockerbie evidence suppression):

“It emerged last year that two secret papers had been given to the UK by a foreign government in September 1996, four years before al-Megrahi’s trial began, but had never been disclosed to his defence team even though Scottish police and prosecutors had seen them.”

Why on earth would Jordan makes trouble for the US/UK in 1996?

I have NO idea! But I will just mention a few facts that may be worth considering.

  1. Lucy Adams wrote that the letter ORIGINALLY came from Jordan. Does she imply that the letter was not sent directly to the UK?

2. Do not forget that the King of Jordan was a CIA asset. Here is what TIME wrote about him:

“During his 46-year rule, the Hashemite monarch was frequently accused by his enemies — Israeli and Arab alike — of being a CIA stooge. The agency became his paymaster in 1957, inheriting that role from the British: Hussein received $1 million a year until 1977, when President Carter ended the payments.”

3. Considering that MacAskill now admits that (A) he has not seen the document and (B) that the PII was justified because it could steer troubles in Jordan, we may also wonder if the document was really sent by the King. If that document had been sent by his brother, it would sure explain a few things.

Here are the key points of the SCCRC:

“In the Commission’s view the Crown’s decision not to disclose one of the documents to the defence indicates that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred in applicant’s case. In reaching this decision the Commission has taken into account paragraphs 49, 73 and 74 of the trial court’s judgment.” [SCCRC 25.6]

What does it mean ? Let us read these paragraphs.

[49] we are unable to exclude the possibility that any MST-13 timers in the hands of the Stasi left their possession, although there is no positive evidence that they did and in particular that they were supplied to the PFLP-GC.

[73] We turn next to the evidence in relation to members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (“PFLP-GC”). (…) the timers were of a type known as ice-cube timers. These were quite different from MST-13s, much less sophisticated and much less reliable

[74] There was no evidence that the cell had the materials necessary to manufacture an explosive device of the type that destroyed PA103. In particular there was no evidence that they had an MST-13 timer.

For the reasons given elsewhere, while a small quantity of such timers was supplied by MEBO to the East German Stasi, there is no evidence at all to suggest that any of them found their way into the hands of organisations such as the PFLP-GC.



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1 Response to LOCKERBIE SECRET DOC – What Do We Know?

  1. Craig says:

    There are so many anomalies with regard to the PII related information.
    Why would UK Gov, US Gov or Scot Gov politically harbour relevant information to a Judicial procedure. It is an embarrassment, political disgrace and affront to this or any process.

    Noting the supposed historic Jordanian source information, there would be no barrier to a US FOIA request to provide this information.
    The basis being, similar but not the same information would have been shared from Jordan to US departments simultaneously or prior to the UK.
    Information, FOIA cannot be embargoed going back in time.
    Furthermore, the way FOIA has rightly evolved in recent years I do not think any review would reasonably or fairly withhold this historic information, wouldn’t stand a chance to hold up in any process or any Court.
    Take a glance at what Judicial Watch are doing right now, they have went well beyond an initial FOIA and are deposing witnesses with regard to FOIA.

    Hopefully the youngster has appropriate support to take matters forward and I support the family and others with their just cause.
    Everybody knows there has been a miscarriage of justice, joe public, the media, politicians, the judiciary, the police, the investigative authorities et al.

    As a proud Scot, I have never been so ashamed as to the conduct and lack of leadership of fellow Scots involved in this case. It is absolutely sickening.
    Individually and collectively they know the case doesn’t survive any type of scrutiny but still they keep quiet and adhere to their Code of Silence.

    As for the Scottish Judiciary, what can one say apart from – procedural corrupt, politically corrupt, systematically corrupt, institutional corrupt.
    The Scottish Judiciary was and always will be a cesspit to encourage and ferment same.
    When a UN observer is not only pointing out glaring inadequacies in both procedure and process, and basic common sense which do not require legal interpretation or challenge, you know the judicial apparatus is competently finished.


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